Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair

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Schwarzkopf is renowned for their salon quality hair care lines, now they have a line exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart, Gliss. Gliss is a hair repair line that features 5 different formulas for different hair type needs.

Gliss' hair repair technology utilizes liquid keratin to help repair your hair. See hair is 80% keratin so when it starts to lose keratin it starts to get weak, porous, lose shine and break. Gliss has the technology to repair it and get it in tip top shape again.

Gliss' 5 formulas are as follows: Ultimate Repair for the most damaged of hair, Ultra+ Moisture for dry hair, Colour Guard for colour treated hair, Oil Nutritive for longer hair that is prone to breakage and Extra Volume for those with fine or limp hair.

Since I colour my hair I chose to use the Color Guard line. I started to use it just after I coloured my hair and  it has been 8 weeks since and my hair is just as vibrant as day one and I am getting just as many complements as I did when I first coloured (I just have roots now).
I find this shampoo is slightly creamy and I find not drying at all. I don't find it weighs my hair down, in fact I have some nice bounce to it every day after I wash with it. Even if I go too long  between washing my hair or overdo the dry shampoo by a lot, my hair always feel nicely cleansed after using it and without any extra effort.
The conditioner is definitively creamy and thick so I feel it really is nourishing my hair root to tip. It leaves my hair soft and silky without being heavy. It definitely feels healthier after using it.

I chose not to get the Colour Guard leave in spray and opted for the Ultra Moisture version instead. See in the past I fried my hair so bad simply by colouring it that it was breaking like mad and so porous I scared the crap out of a colourist team at a salon. Pretty much my hair was all holes, it would absorb dye quickly (into all the pores I created) and get really pigmented fast. But since it was all holes it would bleed like mad, for months even and fade really fast. So I had to chop it all off. This is the primary reason I haven't been colouring my hair much the last two years.
I am loving the spray, I find my hair isn't weighted down when I use it and feels actually far more hydrated. As the humid months are approaching (hello April showers), my frizz is a lot less noticeable because of the moisture it provides.

Together the 3 products have really helped my hair feel softer and less damaged. The real test was when I recoloured my hair and I had no porosity issues. I really have found that my hair has responded so well with this line that I am shocked. It isn't feeling or looking damaged and I have less frizz and it isn't dry at all, so all wins for my hair.
Here is a picture of my undone hair after using the Gliss line. No styling products, just air dried. It is so much better then it would have been just a month ago.

Have you tried any Gliss hair repair products yet? What do you think of their lineup of products?

*products were sent to me for review purposes, all views are my own.