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by - Monday, May 22, 2017

Vichy's Idealia line has been a favourite of mine for quite a while, so I was super stoked to be given some of the lines new and revamped products that are packed full of potent and natural ingredients a try.

Idealia is aimed for those who experiencing the first signs of aging and who's regular skin care isn't doing the same job anymore. If your lifestyle isn't ideal (me, oh that is me) and you live with pollution, lack of sleep or are eating a little poorly, this line helps correct those issues effects on your skin. I being in my mid-30's (how the heck did that happen? ) think this line is perfect for me and my skin agrees. 
Fine lines, visible pores and dull complexion – chances are you didn’t realize that these were your first signs of aging.The Idealia range improves skin radiance and minimizes the look of fine lines as well as pores when your regular skincare just isn’t cutting it anymore.
Smoothness & Glow Energizing Cream ($44.99)
This day cream comes in both normal to combination skin and dry skin formulas. I love the normal to dry skin version. I use it everyday after the serum and find my skin has responded greatly to it. The formula has been updated to feature more natural ingredients that are super charged. Blueberry, fermented black tea extract, help deal with stressed skin throughout the day while the silky texture gel-cream texture keeps it hydrated until the evening.

One of the new products in the line up, this is a nightly peel to help gently remove dead skin reveal more radiant skin when used nightly. Using 4% glycolic acid and 5% HEPES this peel is incredibly gentle that even sensitive skin can use it daily without irritation. Anti-oxidants Black tea and Blueberry Polyphenols as well as Vichy's thermal water are also in the peel helping it become a truly fantastic product for you skin. In addition to help remove your old skin and prevent new flaky skin from forming, over time it helps dark spots and acne marks fade and smooth out wrinkles.

I find it incredibly easy to use. After I've washed my face I apply it with a cotton pad and then follow up with my regular night time moisturizing routine.

Since I am prone to hormonal acne in the same darn spots every single month, I have developed a bit of spots and scars. As if that wasn't fun enough I have dry skin that flakes like mad if I am not religious about exfoliating my skin. That being said this product helps so much with both those problems when used nightly, my acne marks fade faster and my nose and brow area aren't flaky at all. 
This serum is a favourite of mine, and now it is even better. It now is packed with antioxidant citrus 
flavonoids, energizing adenosine and an illuminating liquorice root extract. It also has a new texture (it is clear now) that is super light weight and absorbs very quickly (just how I like my serums) and adds extra hydration and anti-aging complexes without feeling heavy. Vichy claims that they  hydration lasts up to 24 hours and works great on oily skin and for layering on dry skin. Since my skin is dry I can fully support how it works wonders when I layer it and I truly feel the hydration lasts.

Energizing Smoothing & Radiance Gel-Cream ($39.95)
This product also got a texture update, while I never tried the original  I have become addicted to this product pretty quickly. This light weight gel-cream is meant for combination to oily skin but my dry skin loving it too. Its gel-cream texture features fermented black tea as well as microbeads to absorb excess oil throughout the day. I like to use it before using a BB cream, giving my skin a bigger boost of hydration.

The line also has a BB cream, Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream and Sleep Mask all in new and packaging. 
Overall I am loving the revamped and new additions to this line. My pores look better, my skin more radiant, and lines less visible. I am always glad to return to this line when I am done testing others out, it just works with my skins needs.

Idealia is truly a great line for those in their 30's dealing with environmental aging. I love the new natural and potent ingredients added to the line, they only make it better. The Vichy waters and the fact all their products are tested for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and paraben free.

Have you tried anything from the Vichy Idealia line? What do you think of it?
*Products were sent to me for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.

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