Wet n Wild New For Spring 2017

by - Monday, March 06, 2017

Wet n Wild is launching a plethora of new products this spring here in Canada, which is pretty darn exciting. Wet n Wild has been a staple value brand for me and many others for many years.

This new batch of products adds on to some already pretty strong products in their collection.  Today I am going to show you the new items and give you a bit of a low down on them.

Au Natural Eyeshadow 
Au Natural has two options, Bare Necessities and Nude Awaking. Each palette has 10 shades and various textures in it (sheer, matte, shimmers). I have Nude Awaking, and while I haven't played with it too much yet, I am pretty darn impressed with it and really like the palette as a whole.
Gel Lip Liner
Wet n' Wild's new liners are retractable and have a gel texture to them. I find they glide on easily and don't skip over my lip scars like traditional liners, which is a rare but fantastic thing.  I definitively plan on hunting some more down as soon as they are in stores.

Photofocus Foundation, Concealer and Pressed Powder
No one wants flashback when having their photos taken. Wet n Wild's new Photofocus line has been tested in 7 different lighting conditions with and without flashes to make sure there is no flashback.
The foundation comes in 20 shades, concealer 6 and the powder 8. 
MegaGlo Makeup Stick
These sticks help you just swipe on the colour you're looking for. Whether it's concealer, blush, highlight or contour they have you covered. The contour has 3 shades, concealer 3, blush  3 and 1 for the hightlight. I love the idea of these for travel because they can't leak or spill on you.

Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipstick
Wet n Wild has liquid lipsticks!!! Not much else to say here. They are inexpensive and pretty darn fantastic (with a cute name to boot). I am loving these so much.They dry matte and last a crazy long time. With 13 shades I have decided I have to get more, Video Vixen is calling this Vixen's name (a lipstick with vixen in name that isn't actually purple, amazing).
MegaGlo Dual-ended Contour Stick
Contour and highlight in one stick is always a good thing. I already have two others similar to this so I cannot wait to do a comparison review. You can get it in light/medium or medium/tan.
PerfectPout Gel Lip Balm
Gel lip balms are always a great addition to any lineup. With a hint of colour and a moisturizing gel texture these balms help keep your lips healthy and happy. They also happen to be fragrance free for those who really don't like scents.
Makeup Remover
This is a bi-phase micellar water for your face. Just shake and then pump it out on to a cotton pad. The lid locks so it wont leak if you take it with you on a trip or to the gym. I love micellar water and pumps, so I really can't say a single thing bad about this one...it is a great idea..
Ultimate Brow Kit
With tweezers, an angled brush, two colours of powder and a wax, this is great palette for brows that you can travel with.
Lash Renegade Mascara
This mascara has a crazy wand with ball tip. It also has a geometric package, which means that you can hold the top and have total control when twisting it. The formula has fibres that boost volume and give length.
MegaGlo Highlight Powder
This new highlighter comes in two shades, Precious Petals and Crown of My Canopy. These highlighters contain pearls and are incredibly illuminating. I am really excited to give them a shot, I happen to have Precious Petals.
The Saving Base
This a a base coat for your nails  that has a 10-in-1 formal, so let's list the 10 things it can help your nails with.  Brightens, strengthens, conceals, moisturizes, protects, fills ridges, smooths, primes, perfects and improves the wear of your nail colour.
So there you go new goodies from Wet n Wild that you will soon be able to find right here in Canada. I am going to run off to play with these and get some reviews going for you guys.

Anything new from Wet n Wild you are interested in trying out?

*Products were sent to me for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.

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