Quo Spring 2017 Collection

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Quo is starting 2017 off on the right foot with their limited edition Spring collection. It features 2 eye shadow palettes, 2 face palettes, 3 matte lip crayon, brush set and a eye brow palette. All the palettes feature a beautiful coloured pattern on them.

Matte Lip Crayon ($12.00):
There are three shades in the Matte Lip Crayons, I was lucky enough to be sent Pretty in Pink. It is a gorgeous matte shade that is housed in a twist up tube that matches it in colour (which is great when wanting to pick a shade at a glance). There is even a sharpener hidden on the back end so that you can  keep it nice an pointed at all times. I am really liking this little gem right now. I love this type of crayon and this shade. 

Brow Palette ($12.00):
With two brow shades in a powder, a highlighter, a eyebrow cream and tool with a spooly with an angled brush, this palette has it all. As someone who cannot get enough of any brow products I am obsessed with this palette. My hair colour is always changing and so are my brow needs,  this palette helps me out because it has two shades that I can custom mix to exactly what I need.  The cream helps set it and keep my brows in place while the highlight is pretty shimmery but looks fantastic when applied lightly. It also has a big mirror which makes this great to take with you anywhere.

Eye Shadow Palette ($18.00):
There are two quads in this collection, No Pressure and Rock It! They both are more neutral palettes, No Pressure is filled with shimmery shades while Rock it! is matte only shades, making them both very different. Each pan is gigantic and contain 3.4g each and have a large mirror.

With No Pressure the shades look glittery in the pan but apply more just a beautiful glowy look when applied. Three of the four are pastel like and the last more bronze.
Rock It! with a cream, off nude peach, brown and slate-grey this palette has a good range for nude quad. I feel you could do a full look a few ways with it. The shadows are pretty soft but apply not so pigmented when I try to swatch them, but they do look fantastic on my eyes. I love to use this for an everyday look right now. It has just been right for me, all matte and with light colour. The darkest shade makes for a great liner too.

Face Palette ($20.00):
There are two limited edition face palettes realized in this collection, Heat It Up  and Down To Earth. Each have two highlighters, two blushes and two bronzers housed with a gigantic mirror. Each pan is 3.6g in size (just .0.2g more then each shadow).

Heat It Up's top row has a matte champagne-pink highlighter or light blush that is matte, a matte pink blush and a super  champagne with slightly less pink in it then the first highlighter, but with way more shimmer in it. The second row has a shimmery bronzer , a bright matte pink blush and a matte bronzer that is similar to the first bronzer.  All the products go on extremely nice and are fairly pigmented. I love that both blushes are matte and that there is a matte option for highlighting and bronzing. I mean 4 out of the 6 colours are matte, which is great because you can always mix them with the shimmery ones for more options.
Down To Earth's top row has in it yellow toned brown shade (not light enough to be a highlighter but not really a bronzer), a shimmery pink with a bit of peach tones to it and a shimmery light brown bronzer. The second row has a matte darker brown bronzer, a matte pink with peach tones that is a bit more vibrant then the one in the row above and a matte brown bronzer with orange undertones. Once again all the shades blend well and are really soft. They are quite buttery actually, even the matte ones. This palette runs a bit orange for me and features more bronzers then anything so it really isn't my cup of tea. That being said it is still really nice and if I wasn't so darn pale it might be the right thing for me. Once again I do like that there are four mattes in a palette of only six.
There is also a Metamorphic Brush Set ($60.00) that is a gorgeous set with 8 brushes with rose gold ferrules and baby blue tapered handles with a case that is holographic. I love quo brushes and own quite a few, so this one is a pretty that I think is worth looking at.

All in all this is a great collection. It has large blush/bronzer/highlight palettes, large matte and shimmer eyeshadow palettes, beautiful lip crayons, a brow palette and some fantastic brushes, not much to say that is negative about this collection especially since it is pretty darn affordable.  Another great thing is the display has testers for everything, which is great to try them all out.  I would take a look at what colours work for you with the palettes.

Are you getting excited for the Spring? Do you think any of these products will help you get in a Spring state of mind?

*Products sent for review purposes. As always all views and opinions are my own.