Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Bar Palette Review

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Last summer I picked out and created a Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Bar Palette from Sephora's website. I loved it so much last fall I got a limited edition pre-made palette and another last month. I though maybe I should talk about them now that I have three in my collection.
The shadows are sold on their own and can be added to a palette that either holds 1 or 6 shadows. They cost $15 each, The single shadow holder costs $2 and the 6 holder costs $15, but if you buy 6 shadows you'll get a 6 shadow holder for free. You'll also get a discount on the shadows and a 6 palette will run you $50, making it a way better deal.

They also claim to have built in primer, which I don't 100% trust but must say that they really go on well with or without primer.
Another great thing is that it is customizable...I mean you only get the shades you want, nothing can beat that. If you finish off a colour, just slide it out and replace it. Easy peasy right (hmm I seem to be channeling my Oliver size with that phrase)?
the customizable 6 pan palette
Were going to start off with my custom palette, it is filled with permanent shades from the shadow collection and it is the first palette from Buxom I made/bought.
Left to right the shades are:
Silk Sheets, (chai luster), Feather Boa (matte pastel pink), Lingerie Lover (matte mauve), Spoiled Sexy (matte deep mauve), Wild Nights (shimmering sugar plumb) and Party Girl (fuchsia luster).
4 of these 6 shades are in the Dolly's Wild Side pre-made palette, but I honestly wanted Party Girl so much and the other shade (Feather Boa) is matte and I wanted another matte in my palette.
So far I love this palette, it has a great mix of textures and colours. The mattes aren't chalky, the rest are super buttery and smooth.
Next up was the limited edition Look All You Want palette. I got this in the fall with a liner and mascara for $50. I has a pretty case with gold and red, and is kind of squishy if you poke the top.
The colours left to right are:  Opal Opulence (iridescent ice), Sequin Sparkle (sparkling pewter), Top Shelf (shimmering plum), Penthouse (metallic evergreen), Style Icon (metallic taupe), and Gimme Gorgeous (matte camel) Four of these shades were exclusives, Style Icon and Gimme Gorgeous are permanent shades.
OpalOpulence is just amazing! I love how it is blue but white but just amazing all rolled into one. remember that shade from Urban Decay's Oz Glinda palette that was a blue white (it is called Aura), but only half a pan of it? Well I compared the two, exact same!!! Sequin Sparkle has some chunky sparkles to it (sparkle is in its name) so I like it  just ok. While the rest I just adore.
Finally we have my latest edition Suede Seduction, an all matte palette. I cannot find this on the Canadian Sephora site, but I found it in stores and on the Ulta page. It has a leathery like look to its package. I really love this palette. I wear mattes 80% of the time for work so it really has been great. It is so rich and creamy and pigmented. Just love it.
Left to right the shades are: Cashmere Craving (matte almond), Beachfront (matte sand), Invite Only (matte terracotta), Trendsetter (matte putty), Social Scene (matte mocha), and Hot or Yacht (matte ash). Cashmere Craving and Hot or Yacht are permeant shades while the other four are limited editions for the palette.
One might think mattes would be chalky, but not with Buxom. I honestly find they go on so nice and smooth. Plus there is nice mix of warm and cool colours. 4 are brown undertones and 4 are grey, giving you a 2 quads to work with. Really liking it for work looks.
So those are all my Buxom shadow palettes
What do you think? Have you tried making one of your own before?