New Hard Candy For Spring 2016

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Spring brings many new items to some of my favourite beauty brands; today I take a look at some new items from Hard Candy that I recently picked up.
Candle lit
First up is the new Just Glow! Baked Illuminating Duo. This set has two options, Candle Lit and Twinkle Star. I picked up the Candle Lit set, which has a glow to it versus the gritty shimmer of the Twinkle Star set. Both the colours in Candle Lit are great illuminators, but not shimmery ones, more luminescent ones, similar to HourGlass' Ambient Light. The one is more a pink iridescent while the other is more neutral. 
Highlight and Contour Duo on the left and Just Glow on the right.
Next up is the  highlight and Contour Face Duo Stick. I picked mine up in the shade Light, but there are at least 2 other shades out there. It comes in the exact same packaging as the Glamoflauge Lite, which made me immediately want to get one. I am a big fan of the creaminess of the Glamofaluge lite so I thought this would be similar. While it is creamy and soft like the congealer stick, it is also crazy pigmented, so a little goes a long way.  I personally feel this one, despite being the light shade, is way too dark for me.  I also learned they make a strobe stick that is in the same type of packaging, that is definitely going on my list for the next time I go to a Walmart.
Moving on to some pretty lip stuff, I had to get their new Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Colour. The first store I went to only had two shades left, so I picked up the shade Hibiscus, a bold coral shade that some of kind of light on your lips despite its pigmentation.
My second attempt to get some I managed to pick up Wisteria, a deep and dark purple shade.
These come in tins, which is super cute, but they also have a gigantic mirror on the lid, which kind of is really practical when you're not at home. The doe foot is relatively long but narrow and holds lots of the product. The thing is, you don't need lots of product.

The first time I applied Wisteria I just spread it on my lips like any other lip gloss, but I had to take it all off. It is too rich and too darkly pigmented to actually do that with, I needed a lighter way of applying it. I needed up taking a lip brush and putting the smallest dab onto it and spreading it around, creating more of a stain. Below you can see a full swatching, plus a demo of how little is needed to stain up a large area. 
Hibiscus, while just as pigmented is a creamier shade, so it I could pull off without staining, but personally like the look of the stain more since it seemed to settle into the lines of my lips a bit.

Any way you work it I think these Lip Colours are worth trying. I really like both shades on me, but use them more sparingly. They dry up on the lips a bit, but not like a liquid lipstick where it dries to a budge proof finish, but defiantly enough that you don't notice you're wearing a lip product anymore.

Here is a tip, you can pop out the little velvet holder thing and put any eyeshadow with a magnetic bottom into it for travel (here is an Altoid example).
Overall, I am liking my new products, they all seem to be really great for their prices and a right on trend for Spring 2016. I would definitely buy a new more items when I see them in the store.

Have you seen some of the new Hard Candy items in your Walmart yet? Have you tried any of them out?