Sephora Favourites: Give Me Some Nude Lip

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Sephora recently launched a Sephora Favourites set featuring some pretty awesome nude lip shades. While my nude might not be your nude or someone else's nude, I still think this is a pretty nice collection.
It turns out there has been a bit of misinformation out there about the sizes of the products and how many full and deluxe sized products are in the set. I took a look each lip products size (off the products labels) and compared it to the Sephora website for sizes and Canadian prices. The only products that threw me off was the Nudestix. It is usually 0.05 oz but the one in the set is 0.088 oz, making it bigger. Since Nudestix usually has a tin and a sharpener which are not in this set, I am just calling it even as a full sized.

The collection has in it:
So that is 2 full sized products and 2 half sized products, and one 40% of the sized product,  not too shabby for $33.00 Canadian.

Described just as a Nude, this one is really pretty. It runs a bit lighter then some of the other products in this set, which is good for pale old me, but might not be the best for others. The texture of this is really matte and light, a really odd thing for a lip product. The best I can explain it is like those Maybelline mouse foundations from about 10 years ago, but in a lip format  and with a doefoot applicator. I really do like the texture though, it is neat and totally different. It doesn't set 100%, like a liquid lipstick would (my morning coffee cup will attest to that), but it does set up really nicely on the lips and feels dry like you aren't wearing anything at all after about 20 minutes. It also lasts a very long time on the lips and doesn't dry them out nearly as much as a liquid lipstick would. It is so nice and really opaque on my lips.  I really like this guy and am considering get more in the future.
Described as a Coco Spice, this liner is really pretty. This colour really works well with the Nars Dolce Vita and the Tarte Namaste Nude, although it is a bit darker. It is smooth for a liner and definitely not stiff. It just glide on the lips.  I appreciate that is an automatic liner considering its small size and expensive price tag, no one likes to waist a good liner on sharpening. 
Simply described as a nude, this one runs really grey on me. I sort of feel like I look dead when I wear it. I really love the thick and matte texture of the stick, but the shade just doesn't flatter me at all.  I feel someone with a more warm completion or a darker one would suit this shade just fine. I am just too pale to pull it off (NC/NW15 over here). I do like that it is so thick but doesn't accentuate the lines on my lips at all. I am going to definitely go try out some other lipsticks from the line some time soon.
Described as a sheer dusty rose this one is by far my favourite in the set. It goes on smooth and just slightly sheer that it really works with my own lips colour. For me it creates a "My lips but better" look which I always appreciate. With the Marc Jacobs liner it becomes opaque and a bit more bold. This is a full sized Nars lipstick which means it costs $35 in stores on its own, and this set only cost $ defiantly a good item in the set for me.
Described as a brown, this lipstick just goes on more opaque then the Nars, but much more brown. This probably would look amazing on people with a slightly darker skin tone then me, also on those with a warmer tone to their skin. I don't think it looks bad, I just think it could look better, less 1995...which I already lived through and I think I am too old to pull off now in 2016. I do like the formula though and am glad I've gotten to try it out. I might have to pick up some other Laura Mercier lipsticks in the future. 
Swatching time:

Overall I think this is a great set and can get a bunch of high quality nude lip colours for the price of just one lipstick. The Nars and Tarte are by far my favourite for my pale NC/NW15 skin tone. That being said I am still glad I got the set because I got to try out a bunch of brands and see if I like their formulas for $2 less then the cost of the Nars a great buy.

 The Nars lipstick alone is covers the value of the box, so if you like that shade already, definitely go for it.