3 Balms and Salves to Love

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Sometimes you need a great balm or salve. Maybe your hands are dry, you need to boost your regular moisturizer, you've got a dry spot, your feet need something a bit more or you just need something to make your lips a little softer. Sometimes you just need a balm.

I currently have 3 on the go that I am really happy with and have been using for all types of heavy duty tasks.
Trader Joe's Head to Toe and Everywhere in Between Moisturizing Balm $3.99 for 57 g

First up is Trader Joe's Head to Toe and Everywhere in Between Moisturizing Balm.  That's a long title right? This baby claims to have no greasy residue and can tackle all your dry skin needs. It even says it is good for a fly away beard.

I will attest it is the least greasy of the three I am going to talk about, it also is the firmest. I have to really scrape to get some out, meaning a little will go a long way. It definitely has a dry finish to it, but I wouldn't go around touching stuff right after because there is still a bit of greasy residue, it just feels dry on your skin.

I love to use it on my cuticle and nails, then my super dry knuckles before bed time. I also get a lot of cracks on my skin, and often cat/dog scratches, so I also will often apply it there too.

It's main ingredients seem to be Shea butter and beeswax, while also containing some coconut and palm oils.

I generally really enjoy this balm, I just wish Trader Joe's would come to Canada already (oh man also their prices are so good, $3.99 is so great).

The Body Shop's Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil for Body and Hair $14.00 for 50g 

Next up is The Body Shop's wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil for Body and Hair. Another long name. This one is nice and soft, I am going to guess that is because it is a solid oil and not a balm, which also means it melts really nicely into the skin before being absorbed in. It has a faint nutty smell (I am going to roll with the argan is what I am smelling).

I really like this one for my elbows and knees. I had a big crack in my elbow a few weeks ago that really hurt and it seemed to really speed up the heeling process as well as make it feel a lot better.

The Wild Argan line is now included in The Body Shop sales, so I highly recommend you wait for one, I got mine when they had a 40% off deal on.

Burt's Bees' Hand Salve $12.99 for 85g

Finally we have Burt's Bees' Hand Salve. This one is meant just for your hands, but I still use it elsewhere. Being from Burt's Bees you can rightly assume it has bees wax in it and has a honey type of scent as a result, but I can clearly also smell something herbal, I think menthol(??). It also has Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil in it, so all good hand loving stuff. I carry this one around in my purse. I have a travel size so it is just perfect for after work when my hands are dry and about to crack. I just love it.

It also is the slickest feeling of the three, I feel as thought my fingers glide over the product rather then dig into it.

There you go, these are my favourite balms and salves. Do you have a favourite Balm or Salve?