Sephora Spring Sale Haul

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I went a little nuts at the Spring Sephora sale. As a VIB Rouge, I got access a day early and received 15% off. So, yeah a little nuts.
First off I got items from the new Disney Minnie Beauty by Sephora Collection.
Minnie's Perfect Red Lipstick
This lipstick has a magnetic lid and a heavy nice quality to the tube. It is a really nice rich red embossed with Minnie, xox and a little silhouette of her on the end.

I fell so in love with this lipstick that I went out and did another order just to get a back up. I know I don't need a back up, but with the embossing I really feel better about using one when I have a backup.
Minnie's Inner Glow Luminizing Blush
The blush comes in a heavy duty compact with pretty spots and minnie on the outsize and a coal blush in the inside, that has minnie ears and bow embossed into it.
Reflection Of Minnie Compact Mirror
The mirror has a pretty zip up pouch. When open it looks like her ears with her bow. In the inside you get a regular mirror and a 2x mirror.
SmashBox Photo Finish Primer Oil:
I hear only good things about this primer oil and I am already loving the primer spray I got last year. I also have very dry skin, so why not add oil into my primer routine.

Smashbox Insta-Matte 
This is supposed to transform any lip product into a matte finish lip product. Sounds amazing, looks amazing, it was a must buy for me. I was really sold when I read Chelle's review over on Make Up Your Mind, you should go check it out too. 

Nars Concealer in Vanilla
I didn't really need this, I just wanted it. This is the classic salmon concealer for under-eyes that everyone with light skin likes. But alas, I returned it. I really can't justify any more concealers in my life right now.
NudeStix #NudeLipKit 3 Piece Mini Set
I just got to finally try out Nudestix in the Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Nude Lip Set, and while Whisper, the colour I got in it, wasn't for me, I still wanted to try some more Nudestix. This little set has a Matte (Belle), Creme (Mystic) and Gel (Pulse) version in it, letting me try out some different shades and textures.  It also has a tin with mirror and sharpener in it.
Buxom Suede Seduction Eyeshadow Palette
This is an all matte palette from Buxom. I already created my own custom one last summer and got myself a limited edition one at the fall I guess you can say I am a fan of Buxom's palettes.
This one being all matte meant I had to get it since I only wear mattes to work. I really love the exclusive palette cover.
On the VIB Rouge day me and a guest were supposed to get a tote bag with some goodies in store, but they were already out of them apparently at noon at most stores. I did get a bunch of samples in store as well as a Minnie Mouse tote bag fro 250 of my points as well as my hubbies birthday gift (which was from Fresh).
I did hear some stores gave out a Makeup Forever goodie bag that had a reusable makeup bag and some good sized Makeup Forever samples. I however just got what you see above, and was pretty darn happy about it because, it was free and I won't complain about that :).
did you get anything during the Sephora Spring Sale???