A Girls Night in With Yellow Tail Pink Bubbles and Red Moscato Bubbles

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I have paired up with the fabulous Melissa from Melissa's Musings to write a post about our ladies night — which featured sparkling wine (as all ladies nights should).
On January 26 we were invited to an event at Medulla & Co. to have a Pre-Valentines celebration with hair sparkles, desserts and 2 types of Yellow Tail Bubbly – Pink Bubbles and Red Moscato Bubbles.

Here are some photos of the event:
When you think sparkling wine you think of celebrations, but we like to think everyday events are to be celebrated. Why not pop a bottle of bubbly when your friends are over just to hang out? Which is why Melissa and I thought it would be great idea to have a get together to just celebrate a good meal and a fun night together! I made sweet potato burgers and fondue for us to enjoy with the bubblies.
The Pink Bubbles
“Pink Bubbles is a sparkling wine with a twist – a pink hue and the suggestions of red grape flavours, which adds an additional dimension to the fizz drinking experience. We taste red cherry, sweet spice and tropical fruit flavours, but when it all comes down to it, the best thing is how it feels to drink. Fresh, spritzy and crackling with vitality.”
  • “Aroma: An appealing bouquet of wild strawberry, red cherry and sweet spice.”
  • “Flavour: Pink Bubbles is a sparkling wine with a pink hue – you get more red cherry in the palate with sweet spice and a hint of tropical fruits. This is a superb stand-alone style of sparkling wine that needs only be served with an appropriate glass.”
  • “The Grape: Pink Bubbles blends white grape varieties with red, creating a soft pink hue and additional flavours.”
Red Moscato Bubbles
“Red Moscato Bubbles is more than the best of two worlds. It’s the best of three worlds. The raciness of red, the sweetness of moscato and the fizziness of bubbles. With a gorgeous deep pink hue, this is a wine that offers scrumptious red berry flavours, fizzy texture and a hint of sweetness. It’s fresh, spritzy and crackling with vitality.”
  • Aroma: Lifted tropical fruits, ripe fresh strawberries with black current and raspberry aromas.”
  • Flavour: A vibrant Moscato palate, with fresh forest fruits and strawberries.”
  • The Grape: Red Moscato Bubbles blends white grape varieties with red, creating a soft red hue and additional flavours.”

Overall we can say that both the Pink Bubbles and Red Moscato Bubbles are delicious! We were pleasantly surprised that they were not too sweet. That being said, the Red Moscato is sweeter than the Pink – making it perfect to pop open after dinner while you have dessert (or have just that for desert --- I don’t judge).

The plastic resalable cork is great to keep the fizz in the bottles – and despite that fact that neither of us are good at not finishing bottles of wine – I can assume that it would help keep the bubbly fresh for another day or 2 should you open one and not finish it.
Here are some photos of us causing trouble in the comfort of my home! 
Fondue anyone?
Want to see my famous sweet potato burger recipe?? Well I got it from Healthy. Happy. Life's blog.

*Melissa and I attended a party where we enjoyed some Yellow Tail products, we then decided to purchase some of our own and throw this little party and do a review. This was not a sponsored post in any way.