Tarte Deluxe Amazonian Butter Lipstick Set

by - Monday, November 02, 2015

It seems ever year I fall victim to purchasing at waste one holiday set from Tarte. Which I cannot say is a bad thing since I've honestly loved each one of the sets that  I've gotten over those years. This year I picked up the Deluxe Amazonian Butter Lipstick Set which is a mini lip set that is frankly really nice.

You get 4 of Tarte's Amazonian lip butters in a mini format for only $25 Canadian. A full sized is 0.1 oz and cost $20 while this set has 4 minis that are 0.035 oz, making it decent value, but certainly not anything spectacular. It does get you 4 lipsticks to try, so that's a good thing.  They also all have adorable drink names, which is kind of cute.
First of these are sheer and supposedly hydrating, hence the lip butters and not lipstick claim.  I don't find them super hydrating, or even as hydrating as many other lip butters, but I think they pack a pretty good hydration for you lips punch, certainly better than most glosses or lipsticks they are on the sheer side. 
The packaging is made of paper, which is honestly kind of neat. They are also pretty tiny in the inside, so you might need to be careful you don't break them when using them .Yep they are a mini for sure. 
As you can see by the swatches on my arm, 3 of the colours are very similar, which sangria popping out with a deeper and more red colour. On my lips most of those difference go away, punk, mimosa and bellini are almost identical on my lips. Sangria still stands out which is definitely nice.

Overall I like this set, it is giving me a good change to try out some of Tarte's butter lipsticks without shelling out all the cash. I do think for the size and price difference you might be better off just getting one that you really like since there isn't too much colour nations in this kit. That being said, I like mini's and just trying out new brands, and a set like this works well for me.

If you're interested in this set, I recommend checking out Sephora some time soon, before it sells out.

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