Hard Candy Contour Trio in 3rd Wheel

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Illuminate, contour and highlight with So Baked Sculpting Trio for a healthy looking, captivating glow. The baked trio includes a luminizer for highlighting cheekbones, a satin-finish blush for cheeks and a glowing bronzer that helps contour and define. - hardcandy.com
It has been over a year since I hauled this baby and I thought I should finally review it.

If you like mineral blushes, highlighters or bronzers, Macs Mineralized skin finishes or even the Hard Candy So Baked  Bronzer or Blush Crush you'll probably like this. 

It has 3 sections, a blush, highlighter and bronzer. They are each big enough that with a smaller or more tapered brush you'll have no issue getting just the colour you want.

The pink is a nice shade that will suite most, not too bright, runs slightly coarl. While the highlight is slightly pink and is really a lot like their So Baked Bronzer in Tiki but with a bit of pink in it. It really blends well and just makes you glow perfectly. Finally the bronzer is a tiny bit on the orange side, but nothing that you really notice. I find all three work really well on my skin tone. They all are very lummiectent and have a find mineralized shimmer to them.

  • Three colours in one pan
  • Great shades that work with my skin
  • Under $10
  • A nice mineralized set
  • Blends well
  • Packaging, I always break the hinge on Hard Candy products and have to rebuy (always!)
I really like this palette. I've used it for over a year now and even gave it to friends as gifts. I cannot complain about a product like this, it works well, it looks nice, it's cheap. Really no downside.

There are two other shades available at Walmart, but this one was the lightest and I thought the bronzer would work best with my skin tone. I should note Tiki, their 'bronzer' matches my skin tone perfectly, just for references if you go to the store and wonder what skin tone I have.

Do you  have any Hard Candy products you just love?