10 I'm Tossing: No. 6

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I've been busy using up more products. This always makes me so happy to  know that I actually used up some stuff.

First off I went to Mexico (the same place we went in this vacation here) for my brothers wedding. The hubby and I used a lot of sunscreen in just a few days. I mean a lot! We used up two brand new cans of spray sunscreen and just had enough for the last day. What makes this even more shocking is we wore rashgaurds (t-shirts) most of the time that we swam so we didn't even really need it on our backs.

Just a little bit more background for you, my hubby is a ginger and I am person who gets sun hives (with or without sun protection), so we get the highest SPF we can for added protection. I also know people just don't apply as much sunscreen as they should for proper coverage, my method to combat this is to buy a higher spf, its crazy and most likely doesn't work, but I feel better and end up with less hives. Last time we went we burned really bad swimming so were trying hard not to repeat that mistake.
L'oreal Quick Dry Sheer Spray 50 SPF: Last year I was sent the 30 SPF version of this and liked it so much that when it came time to buy sunscreen for this trip we opted to grab the 50 SPF version (it was on sale for about $9 so I was happy). I highly recommend it. Would I buy it again? Yes, but for now I have quite a few other sunscreens I must try to use up before they go bad.
Banana Boat Kids Tear-Free UltraMist Sunscreen Spray in 60 SPF: This is supposed to be UltraMist (like a thing they invented I guess) but went on in a stream. It works well in a few ways because it makes it easy to see and rub around, but doesn't go on in anything resembling a mist. I screamed every time the put it on my back because it was so cold and in a stream Would I buy it again? Truth be told it works well, I think we just got a defective can, so yes I would try it again. PS we got kids incase we needed it for our nieces who were traveling with us on the trip.
 Bath and Body Works Oahu Coconut Sunset Body Wash: I wanted to get a travel bottle of the BBW Waikiki Beach Coconut body wash, but my store was out of it. I got this instead. I liked the smell a lot and it did a good job of washing away all the sunscreen at the end of a day in Mexico. I used it all up before we left because the hubby ran out of his body wash on day 4 or 5. Would I buy it again? No, while I like the smell I like some of the other ones from the collection much more and would get them instead.
L'oreal Casting Step 3 (Conditioner): I coloured my hair using L'oreal Casting right before leaving, I packed up a refillable bottle with Palmer's Olive Oil Conditioner and I brought this baby along for the ride. Both were used up at the end of the week. Would I buy it again? While not something you can go out and get on its own, I really did like it, it's a nice hair mask.
Moving along to non trip items...
Joe Fresh Pop Goss: I got this back in 2011 when I won a contest, so it is old now and needed to go. Would I buy it again? Yes, it was a sheer lip gloss with an iridescence to it that I liked. I don't think they sell it anymore though.
Elf Studio Exact Lash Mascara: I've gotten so many of these over the last year and a half, I really like the tiny wand for lower lashes and tightening lashes. It also is crazy waterproof ( a big deal for me). But like all Elf mascaras they dry up almost right away into a hard mess. This was this mascara's fate. Would I buy it again? Yes, I still have more though. I will find a way to stop it from drying up.
ELF Lip Stain:  I've had this forever, it sort of is just too old to keep, and dried up. Would I buy it again? I would, which is strange for me to say. I like stains when doing bold lips, it gives them longer staying power.
VitaBath Original Spring Green Body Lotion:  I got this in a glossy box. I used it up just a little while ago. It has that classic Vita Bath smell I remember from growing up. My mom used Vita Bath quite a bit when I lived with her. It is a very strong scented lotion, but it really is nice. Would I buy it again?Maybe. I liked this size for in my purse and using on my hands and arms when out an about. I have so many creams I doubt I'll ever need to buy more.
BiorĂ© Acnre Cleansing Scrub: I got this in a bag from an event I attended. The hubby used it in the shower.  Would I buy it again? Not for a long time. I am trying to get the hubby to use up other acne /oil skin care cleansers that I have been given in an attempt not to waist them. He did say he liked it, so if he requests it I would pick him up one.
Biore Combination Balancing Cleanser: I got this for the hubby after he used up the first one I got at the Biore Girls Night In Event I hosted in 2011. He seems to like it quite a bit. Would I buy it again?  Maybe, he seems to have moved on to Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel and loves it a lot. 

There we go, another 10 down in my quest to record what I toss. Have you tossed anything lately?