Annabelle Biggy Bronzer

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Bronzed to perfection! Get sun-kissed, radiant skin in seconds with the Big Zebra Bronzing Powder mix of bronze and golden shades.
I have never been much for tanning, its bad for your skin and I just honestly cannot do it. Everyone says to me "you'll look good with a tan", "you should tan" and "oh dear lord, Jill you're so pale, just get a tan already". Which are all things I just try to ignore. The truth is I am full blown allergic to the sun, I physically break out in hives I am in the sun with or without sunscreen on. I burn and then burn some more. So really I cannot get a tan even if I wanted to.

The good thing is with great bronzers like Annabelle's Biggy Bonzers I have no need to tan. I can get a sun kissed glow that looks good on my pale skin without crazy harmful sun rays.

One thing that usually hold me back on using bronzer is shimmer, but Annabelle solved that issue too, because now there is a a matte version of their famous Biggy Bronzer. Woot Woot.
Haute Gold
So lets first talk about what I love about Biggy Bronzer.

It isn't orange. Sounds easy enough, but some companies just don't seem to grasp that people want a natural bronze look, not a orange spray tan look. This bronzer never looks orange.

It comes in three shades. Haute Gold (which I have pictures of below), Dark Gold and Matte Gold (also photos of below). This means there is a good chance you can find something to suit your tastes and skin tone.

It is Big! Well the name should have given that one away. In case you were wondering it is 15.4 g in size (in comparison my Cargo bronzer is 8.9 g, my The Body Shop Bronzing Powder and Physician's Formula Happy Booster Bronzers are 11g each). Which means I get a lot of product and room to swish my brushes around in.

It has multiple colours in it. It has a fun zebra pattern on it, which gives you a few shades to work with and therefor a better overall shade (or at least I think so).
Matte Gold
It is cheap.  Get this baby at your drug store, mass retailer (walmart, superstore) or even on line for about $11.99. Can't go wrong with that.

Finally there is a matte shade. I cannot say enough good things about it being offered in a matte shade. The one thing I really dislike about 99% of bronzers out there is the shimmer. I have a hard enough time working with bronzer since I don't naturally tan that adding shimmer to the mix has never been helpful. Most brands are just so shimmery I can't even consider making them look natural or remotely good on my skin. But the Matte Gold looks fantastic on me. I even love to use it as a contour product since it is matte.
Haute Gold on left and Matte Gold on the right.
So there you have it, a bunch of reasons I love Annabelle's Biggy Bronzers, and why you might too. Overall I love Annabelle's Biggy Bronzers. I truly do. If you are looking at getting a cheap bronzer, a large bronzer or even a matte bronzer I recommend you take a look at them.

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