Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection Review

By Saturday, March 28, 2015 , , , , , ,

If there is one thing that I can say it is that I love makeup brushes. I have over 200 at this point and I really just cannot stop myself when I see new ones to try out. That being said, despite my large collection when people ask me for a brand I would recommend to them, I always suggest they check out Real Techniques. Their quality just cant be beat, they are easy to find and have a fantastic price point.
Lelo and me with Nic and Sam Chapman
That's why when I was invited by FarleyCo to attend an event this past fall with Sam and Nic Chapman, the creators of Real Techniques (also the fantastic sister duo from Pixiwoo on YouTube) I just couldn't resist.

I got to learn all about the brand, check out their brushes and listen to them talk about their carriers and inspirations.
I also managed to fall head over heals in love with some new RT brushes, the Limited Edition Duo fibre Collection. It features three slick white handled duo fibre brushes. Oh, and in case you didn't know, I am massive fan of duo fibre brushes, maybe one of my favourite types so this is a match made in heaven for me.

Here is a bit more on the set:
  • includes 3 limited edition brushes:
    • duo-fiber face brush: for lightweight application
    • duo-fiber contour brush: for controlled contouring and sculpting
    • duo-fiber eye brush: for finishing touches to the eye
  • a true multi-tasker – duo-fiber bristles work with cream, liquid or powder for an unbelievably air-brushed finish
  • ultra-plush, synthetic bristles are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free
  • extended aluminum handles are light and easy to use
I've had a few months to try them out, and love them dearly, I reach for them almost every day. 

The eyeshadow brush applies shadow easily and makes it so you can build up the colour slowly for more control over the look you are creating. It blends fabulously, whenever I feel I've gone too dark for my look I can fix it with this brush in just a few buffing strokes.

The face brush has become a staple for my powdering routine. Since my skin is dry I often like to set my makeup only lightly, this does the perfect job for that. If I do want to use just powder on my face for a touch up, also perfect, never to heavy but always flawless.

The contour brush is maybe my favourite of them all, it makes for a great blush or contour brush. It has an almost oval shape to it, so it fits into your hollows really well for contouring. I like it for more than contouring though. Sometimes I like a bit more control for my blush and even highlighting applications. If you own a bronzer, highlighter or even blush that is a bit scary bright or too pigmented you can use this baby to build up the product until you are happy with the results and no worry about going on to strong on the first swipe. It also manage to do a great job of blending out when you do make a too heavy handed mistake with another brush.

  • amazing brushes! 
  • Duo-Firbre brushes that make building and blending your makeup easy
  • sleek white handles
  • great quality
  • a trusted brand for brushes
  • Limited edition
I love these brushes and might even go out and get a second set (must resist for sake of already having too many brushes and being labeled a brush hoarder and coming home to an intervention).

They do a great job of applying your makeup and blending it out. Being synthetic they work with cream, liquid and powders and they are easy to wash and clean up.

There really are no downsides to these brushes.

If you want these brushes act fast because they are limited edition.