Trader Joes Lavender Salt Scrub Review

By Monday, March 30, 2015 , , , , ,

I love Trader Joe's. I really really do. I cannot lie, I am crazy about this store. I wish they would come to Canada and make all my retail dreams come true, until that day I have to go across the boarder and haul like a maniac. 
On my trip to Boston in 2013 I picked up Trader Joe's Lavender Salt Scrub and honestly fell head over heels in love.
If you like lavender you will most likely want to get this next time you are in a Trader Joe's, it isn't overwhelmingly lavender, but it is pretty darn lavender scented (as it should be, I mean lavender is in its name).
The package is definitely one of my favourite things about this product, It is plastic and features a flip lid (their body butters are the same way). Why is this a good thing? I've dropped my share of scrubs in the shower, if they are glass they can break or ruin your tub. If they come in a tub they get water inside, and if you drop them product gets everywhere. This handy dandy flip lid is ingenious, flip open, scoop out, flip shut, no messing around.
On to the actual scrub, it is a salt scrub in a bunch of skin friendly oils (including lavender and sweet almond). I like to wash in the shower then scrub away with it, rinse off and pat dry. You'll be left with a nice oily feel to your skin, but nothing heavy. I don't feel the need for a moisturizer after I use it, which is also fantastic.
Works really well
Leaves you moisturized
Scrubs really well
Nice lavender scent
Lots of skin loving oils
You can read all the ingredients easily
Flip lid is a fantastic idea
Cheap ($6 for  a big tub)

Only available at Trader Joe's (which we don't have in Canada)

This is a cheap, cheap, cheap body scrub in a great container loaded with great ingredients and does a really good job of exfoliating your body and moisturizing it.