August and September 2014 Empties

by - Monday, October 13, 2014

I avoided doing my empties post last month, so this months has it in it too. 
L'oreal Total Repair Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner I used these both up at the same time, sort of shocking, that never happens. The shampoo is just as creamy as the conditioner and they both work very well to help restore damaged hair. If you like the Total Repair 5 line you will like this too. Would I buy it again? YES! I really really liked this and the shampoo helped convert me back to a shampoo user at 4.5 years of being co-washing my hair
Avon Naturals Kids Amazing Apple Detangling Spray I used up one of these and then bought this one right away. I really liked it. Sadly this bottles pump never wanted to work. So I bought a new spray bottle and used it right up Would I buy it again? No, the pump thing pissed me off, it just was strange how it would spray but not well and suck the bottle inward. I plan on trying another brand of detangling spray next time.
Bath and Bodyworks Shea Cashmere Dry Shampoo I love the smell of this, so does my husband. After one use it went haywire, squirted straight out and ruined my hair. Here read these reviews READ! See I am not the only one who hated it. Plus it was crazy empty after that two uses, like empty. I am going to take it back at some point for a refund or swap, that is one good thing about BBW, they have a guarantee on all their products. Would I buy it again? No, this product is pure crap.
L'oreal Preference Conditioner  I have tons of these hanging around, so I finally used it up.  
Boscia Recharge Night Moisturizer I got this in a glossybox, and I finally used it all up Would I buy it again?  No, I didn't like it very much.
Marcelle Soothing Cleansing Water I got this bonus size a while back and finally used it up. By far one of my favourite cleansing waters. Would I buy it again?  Yes, in fact I got another one at the Lisa's sale this spring.
Marcelle Hydra C Gel  This was a staple for me for a long long time. I've maybe gone throughout 3 of them over time. I love that it is a gel that keeps my skin very hydrated Would I buy it again?  Yes, definitely, but for now I want to use up some of the skin care I have hanging around.
Ponds Wipes I used these up quick. I got them on sale and they did their job quite well. Would I buy it again? Maybe, if they are on sale, other wise I'm buying generic wipes.
Nivea Lip Balm I got this also in a glossy box. I don't like it, it is soft and smooshes too easily. Not that hydrating ....mehhh Would I buy it again?  No.
B. Kamis Lip Balm Also a  glossybox item....meehhh. It was ok, nothing special. Would I buy it again? I don't think they make it anymore, but $21 for a lip balm is too much. 
Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Gel Lotion L-Bifidus & Grape I got a bunch of these a long time ago when they were on sale and I had a coupon. I think they cost me $2 each. Now they are sold in a larger size with a pump. I am the worst for moisturizing and yet I have the driest skin ever. This helped because it was a gel that got absorbed fast. Would I buy it again?  Yes, I have another in  Peach Oil (think like apricot seed oil) and I am quickly using it up.
The Body Shop Honeymania Bath Melt I used this up fast. It does create a wonderful bath filled with lots of bubbles. Would I buy it again? No, I am trying not to use Honey/Sugar in any of my bath items from now on.
The Body Shop Honeymania Body Scrub I think this scrub is great for its creamy factor but sucky for its far to fine crystals. I can't scrub anything with crystals this fine. Would I buy it again? No, sticking with the Satsuma scrub or others.
The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter I like this butter because it is Satsuma scented, but really wish it was a bit thicker. Would I buy it again?  I don't know, I have a massive stockpile to work through before I can buy any more body products, butters included.
Bath and Body Works Fresh Picked Body Wash in Tangerines I got this for xmas from a client, I really liked it. I mainly used it for baths and not as a shower gel. It smells very fresh and fruity. Would I buy it again? I don't think it is still sold by bath and body works, but if I ever use up my stock pile I would consider it.
The Body Shop Almond Hand and Cuticle Cream  I finally used this tube up.  It is a very light and fast absorbing hand lotion. Would I buy it again? I would consider it, right now I am using the rose version.
L'oreal Youth Code Serum Corrector I finally used up this great serum. I love the regular version this one seemed to work a bit at diminishing my barley there skin pigmentation. Would I buy it again? Yes.
Hard Candy Lash Call Mascaras  I cannot believe I still had these. They were hidden away somewhere and I thought I had tossed them years ago. These were fun bright mascaras I never wore too much Would I buy it again? No, I don't need bright coloured mascaras but they were good for what they were.
Masque Bar by Look Beauty I got this handed to me on the street during TIFF this year. It appears to be a new brand at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Would I buy it again? I don't know yet. I wonder how much they cost. I have a second one that I want to try out before making any choices.
Pari Beauty Precious Glow I never ever use this shimmery eye primer Would I buy it again? No, it just isn't for me
Elf Mineral Eye Brightener I love this. I hated the studio version, it was just all big sparkles, but this is fantastic for setting the skin under your eyes. Would I buy it again? Yes, already on my next jar of it.
Elf Studio Eye Primer & Liner Sealer I had this a while, and I just decided it was too old and should be tossed. I never used the liner side much but more the primer. I feel the primer is comparable if not better than Mac Painterly. Would I buy it again? Yes, I already have a new one on the go.
Wet N Wild Fergie Liner  This was dried out when I opened it and I just failed to toss it until now. Would I buy it again? I would try it again if I saw it, but I don't think it is sold in Canada.
Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation I bought this in the exact same shade I have the liquid in and they pother a perfect match. I completely empties this and even scooped the innards out. I absolutely adore this foundation! Would I buy it again? Yes, I want another one right now, but I am determined to use up a few foundations first.
Delon Nail Polish Remover  This was a dollar store purchase. I got it because I really needed a nail polish remover and it is made in Canada. It worked quite well. Would I buy it again? Maybe, I didn't mind it
Bath and Body Works Candle in Apple Crumble I used this tiny candle up. Not my favourite scent. Would I buy it again? Nope.

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