March 2014 Empties

by - Sunday, March 23, 2014

Oh it is time again for EMPTIES!! 
While not my largest empties post, this one has a bit of goodies in it.
Aveda Shampure Conditioner: I got this about two years ago and just really took my time using it up. It is a great conditioner. Would I buy it again? Maybe something else, I need a stronger conditioner in my life.
L'oreal EverCrème Cleansing Conditioner: I've been using this stuff for quite a while. It really is a holly grail item for me. Would I buy it again? YES!!!!
Aveda Pure Abundance Conditioner: This conditioner sample is great for oily hair or those seeking volume, I having dry hair, did not love it. Would I buy it again? No, not really meant for my hair type.
 The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Shower Gel: I loved this scent, citrus and fresh. It was discontinued about a year ago. Would I buy it again? Nope, it  is no longer available, but I will continue to buy other The Body Shop Shower Gels as I love them so.
Aura Cacia Euphoria Aromatherapy Bath: I got this packet as part of a gift. I did like the bath. Would I buy it again? No, it was ok but I doubt it was worth the price for a single use product.
 Caudalíe Eau De Beauté/Beauty Elixir: I bought this a while back and loved it so much I ran out and got the 100ml bottle too. Sadly the spray top popped off and won't go back on. So it pretty much broke on me with a 1/5 left. Would I buy it again? Well I already did, I am disappointed thought that it broke and I am left with unused product trapped inside.
 I broke the Treat part off of yet another one of my Elf Studio Treat and Tames. I am happy to ditch it.
Elf Face and Line Filler: I just never used this, nor did it really work too well. Would I buy it again? No.
Physisicans Formula 2-in-1 Boosting Eyeliner: This is one of the best liners out there. The liner has a small series of brushes that make applying liner work very well. Plus there so much liner in there!!! You will toss it before you run out. Would I buy it again? I already have. This one was just old and needed to be tossed for sanitation reasons, but I do have a new on the go.
Elf HS Undereye Setting Powder: This powder is supposed to help make your under eyes look great and help set doesn't! It sparkles ---but sparkles....nothing flattering about it. Pretty much it looks like a shimmering glittery powder. ICK! Would I buy it again? No! No no no no no! No. But I do like (and use) Elf Eye Brightener. It is pretty much supposed to do the same thing, but it actually does what it says without being awful.
 Ok, here we go. I used up lots of teas!! I am going to keep the tins and reuse them.
Here is what I used up and what I think:
Alpine Punch - I liked it ok, nothing special.
Toasted Almond - Meh - wouldn't get it again.
Read My Lips - I liked this one a lot - I might get it when I have room in my cabinet again.
Red Velvet Cake - Ick, tasted like nothing - just like a red velvet cake - ick (ok I know lots of people love red velvet, I do not).
Gingerbread - I liked this one better mixed with other teas, but I do like it.
Cold 911 -  I have another tin on the go. I get sick, I drink it, I feel better.
Marcelle Hydra-C Cleansing and Exfoliating Cloths: I love these wipes. Some of the best out there.  Would I buy it again? Yes!

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