Vichy Skin Health Centre

by - Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Vichy Skin Health Centre
This week at The Eaton Centre you can pop by the Vichy Skin Health Centre on the 1st floor and learn all about you skin. It is a free service that helps you get to know your skin better and what it to do to get optimal skin.
I've never been one to pop into these sorts of things, I always wonder what is going on in there but am to afraid to ask. Well not this time! This time I was invited to go and take a look and learn all about my skin from the experts at Vichy, and I am so glad I stopped by, I honstly am never the best with my skin, and just didn't understand what it needed. 

So there are 5 diagnostics that will go on if you go to the centre, all of which are easy and kinda fun. First off I did a questionare, we talked about what I thought of my skin and why my primary concerns were. Then we did a sebum patch test in two places, where I learned that I have a bit of combination skin. My forehead area produces excess oil where the rest of my face does not. This really surprised me, I knew my skin was dry but not oil. Up next is the Hydrometere, a fancy dance test that tells you exactly how much moisture your skin has. I had a shockingly low number, only 30% moisture in my skin, which means my skin isn't just dry skin, it is dehydrated skin. Eek. Then it is on to the Video Microscope, this baby shows you what your skin looks like at a 30% magnification.  You can see how dry your skin is, if it has unevenness, beginning of wrinkles, just anything you can't see with the naked eye. Finally it is on to the UV Camera, this one is my favourite. It lets you see all the unseen damage done to your skin from the sun and UV rays. I must say I have a shockingly low amount of damage, but for most people dots and spots show - revealing all the years of past sun exposure.
my UV test, the left is my  regular photo the right is my damage.
 After the 5 tests I learned what it all meant about my skin, what it needs were and was walked through a great skin care routine that featured the Vichy products.
Once more if you do stop by you might get your hands on some awesome samples, but there is also a Gift With Purchase they have going on in conjunction with Shoppers Drug Mart at the mall. 
SDM Gift With Purchase
The Vichy Skin Health Centre is on now until March 30, 2014 at The Eaton Centre on Level in front of Forever 21 and Shoppers Drug Mart and is free to visit and get assessments. If you do go I would love to see your UV photos! Share them with me on Twitter or Instagram.

Vichy Canada can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their Web Site.

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