Spring Empties

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Oh my, I never did an empties post last month.(but I did do a video)..so that means this one is going to be big.

Hair Stuff:
BalĂ©a Deep Moisture Hair Mask: I got this on clearance (see the red sticker) I paid a whopping $0.99 for it. And you know what? It was amazing. Would I buy it again? Yes, but I feel it was discontinued (hence the price)
L'oreal Argentine Resist Instant Repair: I tried this out since I was trying to grow my hair, I liked it but like masks that have to sit on your hair a bit more.  Would I buy it again? Maybe...right now I have a few too many masks on the go.
Live Clean Clarifying Shampoo: I got this a while ago to use on my makeup brushes. It does a pretty good job of stripping the gunk off, I do find I go through it pretty fast though.   Would I buy it again?  Yes, I've got another one on the go right now.
Mark. Locks it in Place Hair Spray: Buildable, smells pretty darn good, works well   Would I buy it again? Maybe, I got a bottle of Sebastian hair spray I wanted to use but it seems to be a busted can (nothing comes out, no propellent maybe?).
Dollarama Hair Brush: ok this was a silly one, I got this a while ago to hold me over until I found a new one I liked better.  Would I buy it again?  Well, maybe, it actually was a good brush but now I have two Sonia Kashuk brushes that I love so much more.
L'oreal Power Moisture Conditioner: I love this conditioner, while my hair is probably way too damaged for it, it still worked really well in the harsh winter months.
Elin Bianco Hair Mask: This is FANTASTIC!!! I adore this. This tiny tiny sample lasted so long, so little is needed.  Would I buy it again? YES!!!
Skin and body stuff:
Curel Hand and Cuticle Thereapy Cream: I got this in a GlossyBox, it was ok. It had no scent to  Would I buy it again?  Maybe....not too likely.
Spectro Jel: We were gigantic Spectro Jel fans in this house, until we discovered the Biore Skin Balancing Cleanser. That wins over the Spectro any day. Would I buy it again? Not anymore.
Dermalogica Microfoliant: I got this so long ago in a Loose Button Box. I finally used it up. Would I buy it again? Yes, I have a big bottle of it now.
Marcelle Vitamin C Gel: I love this stuff, so moisturizing Would I buy it again? YES! I have another one on the go. Cannot live without it now.
Lady Speed Stick:  I do not know where this came from, I never buy speed stick and I remember why now. This has done nothing for me, It sucks so I am tossing it Would I buy it again? NO!
Mark Self Sanctuary Lemon Sugar Body Spray: I loved this...now it is gone. Would I buy it again? Maybe one day when I get through some of my other body sprays
Bath and Body Works Wildberry Dahlia Foaming Hand Soap: Would I buy it again? I got this as a gift at xmas time. I like the scent a lot. Would I buy it again?  no, foaming hand soaps are just watered down soap that costs more. 
Miscellaneous Polishes: Most of these are crackles that I am pretty darn over.
Revlon Polishes:  I got these two in the crapy Glossybox filled with old items. Needless to say I didn't like my colour, or the one my co-worker hated and gave to me. They kinda suck(oh and they are old shades).
Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover: I got this at the Estee Lauder sale, I liked it a lot (even more since it was only $4).  Would I buy it again? Yes, I have more of it on the go right now.
Urban Decay Primer Potion: I got this with my Naked Palette a long time ago, the lid crack, it dried out. I didn't really care  Would I buy it again? No (GASP)!!!!  I have lots of primers and actually like Too Faced's Primer Insurance better. 
Estee Lauder Mascara Sample: ok it was a sample of mascara, I used it, now it is old. Goodbye.  Would I buy it again?  No, I can't even really remember much about it now. 
Essence Eyeshadow Primer: I got this when Essence first launched in Canada last year. I used the whole tube up.  Would I buy it again? Yes! In fact I have another bigger tube on the go right now and I love it! I highly recommend for anyone on a budget (or wants to find something at their local Shoppers).
L'oreal Youth Code Eye Cream: I got this a long time ago and finally used it up   Would I buy it again? Maybe,  I actually liked this a lot but I have moved on to a new eye cream (one by Marcelle).
Lise Watier Lip Gloss: I got this in a Loose Button box a long time ago, the lid cracked and it wouldn't stay shut any more  Would I buy it again?   No, I didn't love it enough.
Maybeline Great Lash Mascara: I don't know why I had this, or where it came from  Would I buy it again?  NO, I like bigger, fuller  brushes now a days. 

Ok so that is it for my empties, below is the video I made last month that features many of the items.