L'oreal Paris Canada Féria Wild Ombré

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Embrace the hottest trend in haircolour this season with Féria Wild Ombré, the first at-home ombré haircolour that lets you transform your look from subtle to bold in a single stroke!  - lorealparis.ca
A little while back I used L'oreal Paris' Féria Wild Ombré on my hair. I loved the results and how easy it was to use.
 This was my box that I used in late February on my hair when I ombred it.
 This was what was inside. Fantastic.

So there are a few things you should know about this product.
1. I love it.
2. The brush is fantastic and the key to making it work (oh and there are some pretty good instruction in there too).
3. The formulation is thick but translucent, making it relatively mess free but still great so you can see the progress of your hair lighting. and
4. It works on colour treated hair.

 I loved the results, but sadly was not able to get a great picture of the back of my own head (and others seemed not to care too much when I asked them to take one for me), so these are the best photos I could grab. That being said FionaMan has a great pic (here) that I've put below.
Overall I love how easy it was to use, how great it worked, and how I could see the product developing in my hair so I didn't need to worry about it getting too light on me.
I really cannot complain at all about it. I am so glad that I tried this one out.
There are three colours currently available in Canada and two more to launch this summer.
Here is a great video showing a bit more about the product.