Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa Face Masks

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A few weeks back I was lucky enough to attend an event for the launch of Montagne Jeunesse's latest line of face masks, Clay Spa Masks. The event was hosted by their lovely distributor here in Canada, Farley Co at the Vault at 1 King West.
The Vault!
I got to learn about all the products Farley Co distributes here and about the new line of products Montagne Jeunesse is launching.
A typical Montagne Jeunesse display
Styli-Style products
Inecto Pure Coconut Cleansing Facial Wipes
the legendary Batiste dry shampoo
Now on to the new products...
These masks combine the classic Clay mask concept with the modern Bamboo sheet mask concept. Making them extremely efficient, quick at what they do with very little mess.
Glacial Clay with cloudberries, red grape and glacial clay, this mask delivers anti-oxidants that soothe the skin and provide free radical defence while cooling, rehydrating and cleaning pores deep down. This is the Sensational Skin Clean Mask.
Dead Sea Clay Spa with seaweed, kelp and Dead Sea salt and mud it is packed with vitamins and minerals to keep skin nourished and moisturized while regenerating skin cells and helping with anti-aging. The Dead Sea's salt rich mud helps heal and draw out impurities while cleaning out blocked pores. This is the Extraordinary Cleansing Experience Mask.
Red Earth Clay Spa with pomegranate, cinnamon and mediterranean clay this mask helps heal and protect skin with an anti-oxidant rich formula that has anti-bacterial properties. The mediterranean clay helps detox the skin by getting deep down and drawing out excess oil and impurities. This is the Unbelievable Deep Cleanse Mask.

These masks are in stores now and retail for $2.49 each.

Additional great facts about ALL Montagne Jeunesse products:
  • Buav, Peta, Vegetarian Society Approved (many are vegan but all are vegetarian)
  • 99% Natural
  • Raw Material Traceable  (farmer friendly and sustainability responsible)
  • Paraben Free
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • 95% of their products are manufactured in the UK.

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