L'oreal Paris Canada Nail Art Workshop

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Nail art is all the rage and to celebrate L'oreal Paris Canada's first ever venture into nail art they held a mini workshop for some beauty bloggers. I was so lucky to attend. 
First up we got to learn about all the new products being launched, secondly our host, the fantastic Tam Bachik gave us some trend updates and finally he taught us some tips and tricks to helping us obtain the perfect red carpet nail.
Nail Lingerie:
Nail Lingerie are stick on nail art sheets, L'oreal's happen to all be more accents then full coverage stickers, hence the lingerie.

Top Coats:
The eaisest way to transform a nail polish and make it nail art is a nail art top coat. We got to see three in person, Confetti, Matte and Gold Carat.
Press-On Couture:
These come in  8 varieties that are super flexible for anyones nails. The best part, if you ask me, is the patterns. Nothing too over the top but just some great options and colour combos.
I love that with the pink they are mainly all the same and a few that are reversed so you can play up the nail art more if you want to.

New Shades:
Finally there were some great new shades, with new brushes...that I am in love with.

On to the workshop. These were the cute little setup we got to work with, 16 shades hanging out on our table, 8 new, 8 already in the collection, the Nail Lingerie and 3 new top coats.
So I learned some new tips and tricks to applying nail polish.
1. Wait for the layers to dry before applying the next one. Now that just sounded obvious, but you really want to let all the layers let their solvents evaporate to prevent bubbling or that dreaded soft nail (you know, 2 hours later and you can still dent you nail polish, that is why it happens! Who knew?).
2. If you have more flat nails apply with the brush more upright. If you have curvy nails apply it with the brush more vertical so the brush can curve to the nails shape.
3. Take an art brush or an old eye liner brush and wipe around your nails with it and some nail polish remover. This will clean it up nice and make your nails look more polished (also if you do it before your top coat it will give you lots of time to let the layers dry).
4. When applying the Nail Lingerie, pick a sheet just slightly wider then your nail. Our nails curve so they are wider then they look.
Nail Lingerie
Confetti Top Coat, Matte Top Coat and Gold Carat Top Coat
More Nail Lingerie
New Shades
New Press-On Options
Me and our lovely host Tom Bachik 
So what did I create?
I used Greyt Expectations withConfetti Top Coat. I love the grey, I love the confetti, I feel like I have mini egg nails and love it.
I also managed to create a red look. I used He Red My Mind with the Matte Top coat and The Gold Carat on the thumb and ring fingers