L'oreal Féria Cherry Bomb R57 Review

By Wednesday, May 22, 2013 , , , , , , , , ,

So I decided to go really red.
I picked out L'oreal's Féria in R57 Cherry Bomb. Described as Intense Medium Auburn it is one of their new colours in the Power Reds line of Feria hair colours.

the box
back of box.
When I opened the box I noticed a few new things that I've never seen in a box of Féria before. There are two vials that you must put into the developer bottle. One is the Aromatic Shimmer Serum and the other is the Colour Booster For Reds. As well there is a Conditioning Shampoo that you are two wash your hair twice with right after rinsing (interesting). Of course their is the post dye conditioner, I love that Féria still has a big tube and not a foil packet inside the box.
contents again
aromatic shimmer serum
colour booster
Ok so I am going to give you full warning, PUT THE GLOVES ON RIGHT AWAY. I made the mistake of thinking I could put them on right after putting everything in the bottle, I made a huge mistake. The colour booster is very pigmented and very staining. My hands are still red the next day. I made a big mess and it is not pretty in my washroom. There is a note in the box that all of it needs to go in and to be very careful with it.

The Conditioning Shampoo it says is to make sure you get all the excess dye out so you don't stain towels and pillows (as much). You needed to wash twice with it, each time until no more dye washes out. I wish all red dyes came with this addition, I have ruined plenty of pillow cases and towels in my day and since this is such a potent colour, it really is nice to have something like this to reduce the staining.

The new additions to this box are amazing, the extra colour boost really made the dye RED! The condition shampoo was a great addition to prevent staining and me standing in the shower for 40 minutes waiting for the excess dye to get out of my hair.

As always I love the nice quality gloves (some brands give you crap ones) and the big tube of conditioner (seriously why do some brands give you packets).
The formula went on really well and it was really easy to see where it was applied.

  • Great formula - booster and everything in the box is great
  • Readily available - in most stores
  • Incredibly even colouring - there is some special technology that makes sure it is even root to tip...great.
  • Vibrant!!! This colour is bold

  • Colour booster is really messy - wear gloves (like with all hair colouring products)
I got lots of complements on this shade, I love the vibrancy of it and how bold it is on me. I love that is even and it was really easy to use. the conditioning shampoo was a great addition to remove excess dye and help stain things less (red hair will always stain towels, pillows, etc, so still be careful).