Glossybox January 2013 Review

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I recently got my January Glossybox and I thought I would share it with you.

There were our usual 5 items with a bonus item in this box.

Wella Professionals Brilliance Leave-In Mousse:

Full size - 190 g /$17.99

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme:

0.2 oz sells for $28.00 (I have no clue how big this "sample" is)

Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion:

Sample size is 25 g - full size is 170 g - $12.99

Nivea Essential Lip Care:

Full size - 4.8 g - $2.00

Glossybox Best in Moisture.
Pretty much to celebrate a year in Canada they are "revisiting" past favourite moisturizing products.

I got Befine Fine Food Skin Care Sample Pack. This comes from their August box and features 5 packets of skin care products. Only one is a moisturizing product (strange isn't it?).

Packets are valued at $2 on their site but I've seen them for $0.50 at some stores.

Other items received were the Curel hand lotion from November (full sized valued at $3.99), B. Kamins products from September ( I figured the value at about $8.00). Others (360 people) got an expired item (which they say they will take care of).

Bonus item. Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizing Wipes:

12 wipes recived - 48 wipes sells for  $12.50


My intial reaction was joy!

I was over the moon to try another Wella product (I only ever tried the glossy spray from September's bo) I feel everything else is meh again.

But then the Nieva's lip balm, while an item I like, it is a product that only costs $2 and hardly ads to make the box worth $21.

I was shocked at how small the Too Faced was, why would they even produce something so small?

Then a Burt's Bees product, it has never been a brand I get too excited about, but hand lotion is always welcome in my house.

Befine excited me but then after realizing it had nothing to do with moisture I started to feel the "Best in Moisture" was just a pot to get rid of items they had extra of, mainly because mine doesn't have any moisturizing properties to it except one mask.

I'm kind of getting baffled by how this place is working, one or two fab product then a bunch of drug store. Meh.

I would like to share what my co-worker thought of her box. After asking me if I was going to keep on subscribing she confided in me she got the B. Kamins items. I exclaimed that they were great, but she told me she was unhappy because now she had gotten 3 lip items in one box and that is was just getting sad.  After some thought I agreed.

I hope their one year anniversary box blows me away with items that are exciting and new brands, otherwise it might be the end of our relationship.

On another note, the site said that the January box would be "Discover World Beauty" and several people assumed this meant beauty products from around the world. They also put up this photo on Facebook....
What we were told was January's theme online.
So I am not surprised many people were really upset to get left over items, $2 items and just general drug store items. Some claimed to sign up for this month just because of the theme. I do feel the company is trying (but not succeeding ) at getting better and many of the comments on their facebook are just mean and out of control. I think people just need to simmer down a bit and stop bombarding the page with negative comments.

When asked about the theme this was their reply "The theme was "Globally Inspired", and since we're representing Canada, our GLOSSYBOX reflected the harsh winters we endure with some ultra-moisurizing and nourishing products." -from their facebook page.

My final verdict - if I had to grade this box it would be a B. I say it is an improvement, but nothing like their earlier boxes (that cost $6 less a month) and are really crappy compared to the other international versions. I give them credit for improvement, but they need to step it up ASAP.

I give this box a B and a meh from me personally.

If you would like to join or try the Glossybox please feel free to use the code GLOSSY55 for a 10% discount off your first box.