Generic Brush Guard Review

by - Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I love my Brush Guards, I really do. I won a set long ago (2010 for those of you wondering) from the fantastic Nancy Power over at Nancy Power Makeup Artist. Ever since I won them they became a staple in my life. The only issue was, there were only 6 in a pack and they cost $5.50 usa plus shipping. So despite how much I wanted more, I always just used those 6.

The name brand "The Brush Guard"
When I saw a few months back that had their own generic version I quickly placed an order for both the set and the 1m roll. When I say I ordered them, I mean I ordered 5 of each.
15 piece set
Unfortunately, that order never arrived (mail frequently gets lost on me) and well I just placed another one for just one of each.

Now I never really payed much attention, but that multi pack has 15 guards inside it...15!! Crap that is a lot of brush guards.
The best part is, a 15 pack costs $1.88 and a 1 m roll costs $0.88...including the shipping.

Ok, on to the details.

I love these!!! They are cheap and there are lots of them in a pack, even the roll is gigantic. 

Compared to the original brush guards, the multi pack is much more flimsy, but I have zero issues with that. I just pull them further down over the brush so that I can still stand them upright in a jar.

The 1 m roll is a bit more stiff, so those really wanting a more traditional Brush Guard experience will like them.  You also have to cut the 1 m roll to what you feel is right for your brushes. 

Unfortunately, there is only one size in the 1 m roll and it might not be the best for kabukis or eyeshadow brushes that are thinner. 

  • CHEAP!!!! - $1.88 for 15 guards in various sizes or $0.88 for 1 m roll
  • They work well
  • More give than original brush guards (so they work better on more sizes)
  • Free shipping
  • Protects brushes and helps restore/maintain shape
  • Great for travel and in bags.
  • Shipping takes forever (expect at least a month)
  • A bit more flexible than the original (so you may not like them as much)
I love these babies, I might not get more of the rolls, but I am still glad I tried them. As for the set, I will order more as soon as I can. They are just so good for the price I really cannot say anything that I personally feel is bad with them.

I found by leaving my brushes facing down into a mesh pencil holder they all dried overnight, which is remarkably fast.

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