Rediscovering an old favourite:Prestige Let Loose! Shimmering Shadow Dust

By Saturday, May 19, 2012 , , , ,

I searched though my collection and found my old Prestige Let Loose! Shimmering Shadow Dust in Celebrate Bronze. It is a great bronze colour with shimmer to it. I never have been amazing with loose products...but now I have developed a bit more of a knack for it, so when I saw it I thought it was time for another shot at it.

It is one of those little tubes with a domed sponge applicator and powder in the base.  Not my favourite packaging but good for travel and great for packing on the product.

So how I got it to work with zero fallout and to last all day on a summer day? Well my new best friend, Makeup Forever Eye Seal, that's how!

I put a drop of Eye Seal on my hand and put the dust jar upside-down and tapped some onto my hand. Mixed them together. Then I patted it on my eye lid. Super pigmented and gorgeous. I remember why I fell in love with this shadow. So pretty.

I worked a makeup job all day (airbrushing tattoos at a party) and then went to my inlaws. All in all it was a 18 hour day in the heat. When I got home it was just as perfect as when I left.