Travalo Refillable Perfume Atomizer

By Thursday, May 24, 2012 , , , , ,

About a year ago I learned of this great atomizer that you could fill using the top of any spray perfume (and most body spays). I was really impressed about what I heard and picked one up. Now, a year later I am finally sharing my review on it.

Travalo perfume atomizer is different than most, to fill all you have to do it take the spray cap off your perfume or body spray and press it up against the bottom of the Travalo and pump a few times. After that the perfume is locked in and cannot leak. There is not funnel need or messiness of any type.
They come in some great colours and the sale associate at Shopper's Drug Mart told me often they will send people home with them filled up with perfumes they are indecisive about so that they can try it out for a few days before choosing to buy the perfume or not.

I've never had mine leak and the spray is very good, you can see how much is left at all times, so this sounds amazing right?

Well, if you ever want to use another perfume in it, you're screwed...because there is no way to open it from the top and wash it out....until now.

I figured out an easy way to fix this.

Since any spray bottle that you can take the cap off of will refill this, the easiest way I've found to clean it is to get a tiny spray bottle from a travel set, fill it with water and alcohol, take the cap off and refill the Travelo, shake, spray it out, repeat until clean. HAHA, I finally I figured it out.
fill one of these with water and alcohol.
Use it to fill the Travelo and then spray it out.
Now it is cleaned out and ready for a new scent.
Last summer I put a favourite perfume in but soon realized when fall hit I couldn't change it up for the new season, so I left it unused until now. Today a fresh scent is inside.
I hope this tip helped.

  • Wont ever spill
  • easy to fill - no funnels, no pouring, no spraying all over the place
  • easy to find - most beauty boutiques have them near the cash
  • pretty - great colours too
  • airline safe
  • it holds 65-85 sprays
  • a bit pricy $10-$12
  • Cannot open to clean - but now you know my trick!
I'm glad I found this and like using it, but wish I though of this trick a long time ago. You can never fill it with a non spray perfume (unless you go through the effort to fill a squat bottle) and it is a pain to clean. But saying that, it never leaks.

Hey you want to see the company itself say that there is no way to refill more we have lots of colours and that they haven't tested it for alcohol being inside it (once again perfume is 90% alcohol isn't it).