Spring 2012 Empties

By Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sorry my blogging has been scarce lately, too much stuff has gotten in the way. I have posted some videos on youtube so be sure to check them out (youtube.com/jillojello).

Anyhow, I said my empties would be seasonal now, so here comes the spring tossing...

Eye Stuff:
Maybeline Great Lash Mascara (2 of them): Works great, never used it, time to go. Would I buy it again? Yes
Lancome Bi-Facial: Small bottle, liked it, used it up. Would I buy it again: Maybe. It is pricy for a full set and I like the smaller ones for in my washroom. I am using a mini Estee Lauder one now and like it just as much.
Avon Planer Spa Greek Seas Smoothing Eye Treatment: I liked this eye gel a lot but used it up. Would I buy it again: Discontinued so I couldn't say
Sephora Mascara Fantasic Color (brown and purple): I got these for my kit because they were in a tube, the colour never showed and the tube kinda stupid. They are old now, so they must go in the trash Would I buy it again: NO!!!!
Quo Cream to Powder Eyeshadows: These are the oldest makeup item I own!!! Really. I loved them, got as many as I could they were a limited edition item a good 8 -9 years ago. They are just so old, I cannot justify having them around any longer. Goodbye old friends. Would I buy it again:YESSSSS!!!!!!
NYX Eyeshadow Base in White: I got this on a day trip to the USA, wow this sucks. Milk pencil is better, I hate this thing and barley used it. Would I buy it again: No, it sucks!
Too Face Shadow Insurance: So old this mini, and I have a full size now. Would I buy it again: I have a full size so I guess yes.
Avon Eyeshadow Trio in Dreamy: this is a good cream eyeshadow, I just never use it. It reminds me of the revlon ones the way it never seems to get dry. Would I buy it again: I doubt it, I never used it.
Elf Eye Pencil/Shadow: This was a duel ended pencil with a shadow on one side and liner on the other, I never used it. Would I buy it again: no, I found it was dry to start with.
Quo Eyebrow Pencil: this is old, a great shade but old. It really suites the brunette Jillo and not the redhead Jillo. It had a brow pencil on one side and a wax on the other. Great idea. Would I buy it again: discounted so I can't say.
Joe Fresh Liquid Eyeliner in Brown: dried out on me Would I buy it again: yes.
Lip Stuff:
Benefit Poesy Tint: used this mini up. Would I buy it again: Yes, but I have 2 more so I won't have to for a while.
Joe Fresh Lip Stains (x2): Liked them, dried up though. Would I buy it again: Yes
Elf Lip Plumper and Primer: primer sucked big time, plumper was nice but broke off...on all 3 of mine. Would I buy it again: for the plumper maybe.
Annabelle Le Gloss in Liquid Honey: I loved this gloss, but its day has come and gone. There is no hygienic reason for me to keep it after so many years Would I buy it again: yes
Sephora Piiink lip gloss trio: I got this as a gift, never ever used it. Colours don't suite me much at all. Would I buy it again:no
The Rest:
Herbal Essences tousling spray gel:  got it with a buy one get one free deal, I liked it a lot but am not much of a spray gel gal. Would I buy it again: maybe.
Borghese Finale: I used this up fast, I love it. I got it for $2 at a store in a bus station here in Toronto and I went back and got quite a few backups once I found out I liked it. Would I buy it again: Yes!!
Sally Hansen unknown shade: ick Would I buy it again: no
Mark Cream Eyeshadow Hook Up: dried up on me after so many years .Would I buy it again: in a different shade.
OPI start to finish: this got dry on me in the bottle very quickly and I cannot open it any more. Would I buy it again: I think I would give it another shot.
Avon reversalist Day: I used this one up. I like it a lot and it had 25 spy. Would I buy it again: yes.

Not Shown:

Onyx Soy polish Remover: I hate this stuff...ick. Would I buy it again:  no
The Body Show Satsuma Body Polish: The lid broke on this so I was forced to put it into my Satsuma body wash jar Would I buy it again: yes