New Vanity and Desk Combo

By Sunday, April 15, 2012 , ,

I've been to Ikea a lot recently, it is just 10 minutes from my house. I have finally gotten everything I need complete my new Vanity-Desk.

So my vanity-desk is made up of the following:

  • HELMER-as legs (2) $49.99 each
  • VIKA AMON -as the table top (100 x 60 cm) it was $9.00 for the white version only.
  • RIBBA Frames- these are used to hold up the shelf $4.99 each
  • ANTONIUS Shelf- This holds up my monitor (79x28cm) $6.00
  • LENNART Drawer System -This is I guess a paper storage system, it has 3 large drawers. I've slid it between the two helmers - $14.99
The Desk-Vanity Pre shelf instilation
how it currently looks
Above and on the desk I used:
  • RIBBA Shelf - Two of these picture shelfs provide me with storage for bottles and smaller items (55cm long) $9.99
  • DEKA Curtian - This inexpensive curtain set holds photos and dries my brushes for me $9.99
  • NORRORA - These come in sets of two (one big and one small) I have two small and one large on my shelf $6.99
  • LAGRA - This light is clipped to one of my shelfs...I generally keep it there for extra light $3.99
all done...shelfs and all
Non Desk Items:

IDEAL Candle Dish - I am going to put my perfumes on this somewhere else in my room (25x25cm) $7.99
MOGDEN Jar With Lid - I am putting this in the washroom to hold Q-Tips $4.99