Avon Advance Techniques 5.65 Review

By Sunday, March 11, 2012 , ,

As you may have read on this blog over the years, I love dying my hair and have been doing so for over 20 years. Main via box colours and rarely at salons. 

I usually go for reds, and the reds I feel look best on me are mahogany reds. Now these can be hard to find. Lines might only carry one shade of mahogany red and it might be awful. Which is why when I saw that Avon was finally brining their hair colours to Canada I was so excited. I was further excited to learn 5.65 (Medium Mahogany Brown) was going to be apart of the line.

I instantly did a demo order for that shade. This is what I got:
the box
Side of box with information
Inside The box
Step 1: pre-treatment to protect
Steps 2a & 2b:
developer lotion and creme colorant
Step 3: post treatment
Instructions and (REAL!!!) Gloves
I was excited to see the unique Pre-Treatment to protect the hair and help the colour absorb evenly and also to see real gloves (this is rare now a days inside box colours). Another nice part was the developer instead of having a snap lid that makes a mess it has a twist off top.

I went to the Advance Techniques Web site and watched a few video to help me apply the product the best way possible (may I note that the demo video was very helpful, I have dyed my hair all these years and never done it quite that way).

After watching the videos, I took my bare hands and applied the pre treatment to where it was needed. Then did the usual hair dye routine, gloves, mix 2a and 2b together and shook. I then applied for 30 minutes, wet, lathered, rinsed, rinsed, rinsed, conditioned, waited and rinsed again.
1.5 weeks later
I love this shade and have been searching for one just like this forever, so happy with it.

  • Cheap (will start at 7.99 and go up to 10.99)
  • Amazing pre-treatment provides even coverage
  • Twist off top on developer for a smooth and not jagged top and less mess
  • Real gloves
  • Soft amazing hair
  • Deep and great colour
  • Only a packet of conditioner
  • Only 25 colours available (I actually think this is a lot of shades, but others won't)
  • Spelt colour "colour" the American way on a product sold in Canada
I really love this colour on me. I love that it was a good price, I love how it went on, I love how it looks, I love how my hair feels. I love this colour!

I have been on the look out for a shade like this forever (I mean it, years) and I am so happy to have found one the first time I tried the brand. I am also really happy the brand was avon and I don't have to stare at the drug store walls going insane trying to figure out what shade of what brands line I should try out this time.

As an Avon rep they also sent me this nifty swatch wheel for customers to look at, look at all those shades
One more pic of the hair