30 days -Project Gift With Purchase

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It seems when people get gift with purchases (GWP) that they don't like or want they think of me. I loved this as a teen, it is how I got my hands on my first high end makeup and started my long standing love affair with Estee Lauder.

But sadly this has led me to my recent realization that I have just too much stuff.

The recent addition of sample boxes has not helped either, and personally I believe to have put my situation over the top.

most of the gap stuff I found
So,  since I never picked out the makeup, but I did say yes to taking all of it...I've decided to create 30 Day Project GWP.

I will for 30 day only use GWP items (with the exception of my workday mascara, foundation, concealer, powder and brow products).

Now some GWP I did get at the Estee Lauder/Mac sale in the $4 section but they are still GWP items.

I have gathered all the items and placed them in a box, it is now over flowing. For the next 30 days I am going to try to use them.
this is the only non-gwp (plus my waterproof mascara) for the 30 days
The main point is to decide if I really need it or should I pass it on to someone else.

I have shadows, liners, lipstick (omg the lipsticks), glosses, powders, blushes, foundations, bronzers, mascaras, they are all going to get used.

And just to give this a bit more perspective,  none of these were my GWP, and I have never bought a thing from Lancome in my life.


  • Lipliner:
    • 3 Estee Lauder
  • Lipsticks:
    • 9 Lamcome
    • 3 Clinique
    • 3 Estee Lauder
    • 1 Elizabeth Arden
    • 2 Shiseido
  • Gloss:
    • 3 Lancome Juicy Tubes - I tossed some a while ago 
    • 3 Sephora -their birthday gift a few years back
    • 3 Clinique - different types
    • 1 Mark -full sized but still free with purchase
  • Eyeshadows:
    • 6 Estee Lauder - 5 duos and 1 quad
    • 1 Clinque -duo
    • 3 Lancome -quads - plus 3 depotted quads
    • 1 Dior -5 pallete
  • Blush:
    • 1 Nars 
    • 1 Lancome
    • 2 Clinique - Blushwear creams
    • 1 Makeup Forever - HD blush
  • Illuminators 
    • 1 Nars -illuminator
    • 1 Clinique -up-lighting liz illuminator
  • Foundations:
    • 1 Clinique - supefit makeup
    • 1 Makeup Forever -hd
    • 1 La Mer
    • 1 Avon -ideal flawless
    • 1 Stila -sheer colour
    • 1 Benefit - some kinda gorgeous
  • Powder:
    • 1 Clinque-Redness solution
  • Primers:
    • 1 Nars- Pro Primer (face)
    • 1 Nars- Pro Primer (eyeshadow)
    • 1 Laura Mercier (face)
  • Mascara :
    • 1 Estee Lauder - I have more but refuse to open more than one mascara at a time due to short life after opening.
I'm picking out one foundation, powder, brow product and concealer to use the whole time too...hopefully it will let me decide if I like them or not too.
My non-GWP items
  • Joe Fresh Brow powder in Auburn 
  • Bobbie Brown corrector in Porceain Bisque
  • ELF mineral booster -sheer
  • Anastasia clear brow gel -got in a glymm box so kinda a gwp type
  • Avon Super Extend Mascara-cant live without it at work