Lisa's Cosmetics Sale Winter 2011

By Monday, November 21, 2011 , , , ,

I once again begged my hubby to drive me up to the Lisa's sale. This time he didn't humour me by waiting in line, instead he waited in the car.

After a 35 minute wait, I no longer was in a line and staring at empty Tim Horton cups, I was inside and shopping with rude people.

Some words of caution...
-The lines are long, be prepared to freeze outside, so dress warm and bring a charged phone to play games on.
-Once inside people are rude, I mean they don't move even when you say excuse me, they stand in the worst spots and just stand there until you shove them hard.
-You get a red mesh bag to put stuff in, well people drag them on the floor and you will trip and fall on them. I am not sure what these peoples issues are but they are complete d**ks and I want to slap them all with something.
-People will shove you hard and make no apologies for it. Now I realize I just said you have to shove people, but at least I say excuse me several times before resorting to shoving.
-There are no children allowed! Period. Which think of how much worse all these rude people would be with children...ick.

On the bright side...
-The deals are well worth the wait, perfume, shampoo, bandaids, anything, cheap
-The staff are quite nice and polite, makes up for the idiot shoppers.

That all being said, I went for xmas gifts and not myself so my haul was small.

All the smashbox sets I got in the past with the exception of the Wish set, which I have zero interest in.

Cargo has been added this year, $9.99 for sets makes them a great deal.

All Annabelle and Marcelle cosmetic products are $1.99

Skin care sets are also available at great deals.

So this is what I got...

  • La Cross ingrown toe nail device - $2.49 - the man gets these so I thought it might help
  • Sally Hansen Tweezers - $1.49 - mine have gone dull.
  • PolytoGo -$3.49- I got this for the man who is a cook and always burning himself. Personally he loves the polly for burns, but for quick treatments I think it might help
  • ListerinetoGo -$2.99- This might help kill germs when I can't brush...let us see.
  • Cargo Pro Pick Collection -$9.99 - This is a great set. 4 shadows, gloss, mascara, reverse lip liner and eyeliner. I got this for an xmas gift
  • Dairy Milk fruit and nuts -$4.99 - this is from the UK so it is an xmas gift
  • Annabelle mini Pigment set -$1.99- I wanted this last time and never saw it, for $1.99 I couldn't pass it up.
  • Quality Street -$10.00- I got this to snack can see I have already done that.
On another note, a new camera ....

I need a memory card, so no pics taken yet.

I also picked up some goodies a pal grabbed for me at IMATS
Beauty Blender sponge and a facial brush