Cheapie Haul

By Friday, November 25, 2011 , ,

I went Black Friday Shopping today, and where I did manage to cross off most of the people on my shopping list, I also got myself some cheapie goodies.

These items weren't on sale, but they were cheap. I got them at "Your Dollar Store With More". The one I went to was quite large and while most of it was holiday stuff and crap, I managed to find some beauty gems.

100% Cotton Gloves: These are great to put on after heavy lotion or cream and to sleep in. I had a pair a long time ago and lost them. Glad to try them again, and for only $1 I can't go wrong.
 Glass Nail Files: A friend bought me one a long time ago. I still have it an love it, but she lost hers. I figured for $1 each I could grab her two. These usually sell for about $10 in most stores, so again, great deal.
 Hair Clips: I love salon style hair clips, I can never find good ones at a good price. These were four for $1. I ripped them up so I could use them as soon as I got home.
 Cotton Swabs: A big old package of cotton swabs. Who doesn't need these things? $1.
Hand Warmers: These type of hand warmers can be reused and are often sold for a lot of money a kiosks in malls. I love them when I find them for $1. I send some up to my mother-in-law in the Yukon every year. I feel like she might need them and their shopping is limited out there.
Not the most exciting haul, but staples at a great price. Sometimes checking out another dollar store pays off. My biggest deal of the day was oil bottles with spouts and caps for $1 each. I make chilli oil every year and no one returns the bottles and the cost can add up (usually costs about $5 per bottle with the right type of spout) so this deal was impossible to refuse.