November 2011 Luxe Box By Loose Button

By Friday, November 18, 2011 , , ,

Instead of just posting what my Luxe Box looked like this month, I also took pictures of what my co-workers Luxe Boxes look like. It is interesting how this months differ so much, especially in value.

My Box:
  • Teaopia (bonus)Cactus Fig Kit - 50g retails for $7- This cute little orange tin will get used up and re-used. I am always putting tea into mini snap and snap containers to bring to work, it is nice to have one that is meant for tea...just a little classier.
    • 20% off Teaopia card - I will be using this, there is one just around the corner from my work.
  • Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion -sample size 89ml-177.4ml retails for $29- I've heard good things about this ...excited to try it. Love the packaging.
  • Lise Watier Couleur Folle Mineral Loose Powder Eyeshadow in Folie Soleil -full size, 2g- 2g retails for $18- shocked I got a full sized shadow. I love gold so I am glad to get this. I have a purple one already.
  • Mereadess Lip Treats - Half Size, 1.5g- 2x1.5 g retails for $28 -  This is meant to be a primer for the lips. It has nice packaging, and sounds interesting.
  • Moroccan Oil Styling Cream - sample size, 75ml- 250ml retails for $32- They do sell this pacakge in the store for about $15. I love their regular oil so I am very excited to give this a try too.
  • Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex -sample size, 7ml- I was chosen to get this extra item and give feedback directly to Olay...interesting...hmm.
Co-Worker #1 Box:
  • Moroccan oil 
  • Benefit toining lotion
  • Pur Primer
  • Lise Watier Glitter liner 
  • Teaopia -cactus fig
    • Teaopia 20% off card
Strange how I got a full sized Lise Watier Shadow while my co-worker just got a mini liner since the full size retail size prices are about the same. My co-worker loves Pur so the primer is something she is happy to try. She is an avid Teopia customer so she was very happy to get the tea and card.

Co-Worker #2:
  • Teaopia -cactus fig
    • Teaopia discount card
  • Benefit Toning Lotion -
  • Mereadess Lip Treats - 
  • Benefit Posie Tinit -2.5ml trail size - 12.5ml retails for $29 
  • Lise Watier  Neigesw Eau Du Parfum Spray -Trail Size - 50lm retails for $67, 100ml retails for $87
So this co-worker got a Lise perfume instead, she didn't like the scent and gave it to Co-worker #1. Plus instead of the Moroccan oil that has a real value to it she got a tiny tiny poise tint (which she gave to me). Despite the fact perfume has a decent value, this has to be the box with the least amount of value.

I love my box! I got a bonus item with the Olay that I am exciting to try out, I got a large Moroccan Oil product and a full sized Lise Watier shadow. The tea sounds tasty and if I don't use the card my co-worker will.The lip primer sounds interesting, but I haven't had great results from products like this in the past, still cant wait to try it out. As for the Benefit lotion, I'm glad to get this larger sample too. Great job on my box this month. 

Rating A+:
A full sized Lise Watier shadow, larger than a dinky sample Morrocan oil, the lip treats and tea...I'm sold! Great box, for me that is.

If I had got one of the other boxes I would not have felt as joyful..but that is just me.