Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous Review

By Saturday, July 31, 2010 ,

So what makes it different? Benefit claims that it is not really a foundation, but rather a foundation faker! It is sheer and transparent that it can match just about any skin tone (they only make three shades of it). I have to say that I found it's ability to cover my flaws and make my skin even without looking caky or fake is amazing.

I really like the texture of it, my skin is covered easily in just a few swipes, there is no fussing with blending or matching my tone for the day and best of all it is really light feeling.

It comes in a horrible kitschy package (big shock there) that is made of white plastic and has a horrible sticker on it for a label that looks like a record. Inside is much nicer with a large mirror and the foundation, underneath that is another compartment to hold a sponge.
I of course have after only a few uses completely messed up the mirror and made it a goopy mess, I'm bad that way.

Benefit only makes  this baby in three colours, light, regular and deep. The light is so new I haven't even seen it in stores yet. I bought mine in regular, but when I see the light I will be picking that up instead.

Biggest downside (besides the ugly packaging), since it is so creamy I don't feel you get enough in the package for the price and amount you end up using. I hit the pan (and big time) after a week and a half. That is crazy! For $39.99, it should last me more than 3 weeks, and at the rate and consistency I was using it, that is all it would last me

  • light feeling
  • no colour matching for you skin needed
  • blends easily
  • covers well -very little concealer was needed on me
  • sturdy packaging
  • dries to a powder finish
  • hit the pan in less that 2 weeks (crazy) - you use a lot and don't get a lot in the package 
  • pricy - $39.99
  • hideous packaging
Overall : I like this stuff a lot (oh I really do), I would use it every day if I could, but there is only 0.34 oz in there and it goes fast for the price. I hope someone knocks this baby off soon so I  can afford to use it for everyday foundation.