Mark Hold Please Eyeshadow Primer and Concealer

By Wednesday, July 21, 2010 ,

Mark Hold Please is an eye primer and eye concealer all in one. It is flesh tone and comes in both Light to Medium and Medium to Dark. I thought  I would like this stuff a lot but was quickly disappointed as soon as I swatched it.

It has a similar packaging to Benefit's Lemonade. A mirrored black flip package. It's shinny black packaging is a fingerprint nightmare, but it still looks very stylish.
The product on the other hand is super slick.Slick, slick, slick. The closest thing I can think of that had a smoothness like this is Sheer Cover's Concealer. I really questioned if this was the best idea for a eyeshadow base. As well it has a slight shimmer in it. Although not really noticeable, it is still there and I just don't like the shimmer.

I tried it a few times the other week to much dismay. It did nothing to help with my eyeshadows staying power. No primer would have been better than this. The concealer idea was ok, but nothing special.

I even tried my Urban Decay Primer Potion under it, but everything I applied creased and very early in the day (in fact worse than Benefit's Lemonade).

On the bright side it is cheap, only $10.


  • Nice packaging (despite fingerprints)
  • Big mirror
  • Portable 
  • Concealer and primer in one
  • Cheap - $10
  • Mark/Avon has a good return police so no risk in trying it.


  • Causes creasing
  • Too slick
  • Slight shimmer in it
Once again my love of eye primers has led me astray. This is not for me at all. In fact I returned it. Creasing in the AM is not my idea of a good idea.