Makeup Forever Haul

by - Friday, June 25, 2010

On Wednesday I attend an Information workshop hosted by Makeup Forever. It was a Pro To Pro seminar which was part one of many, this one's focus was on introducing artist to the complete line of Makeup Forever products, with a focus on the HD and Aqua lines.
There were demos on models, a history of the company, artist talking about the line and their favorites and how to best utilize the products in a general way. Since it was more of an introduction, most of what I heard was vague or I had already known about it, but it was still interesting none the less and managed to pick up a few great tips and tricks.

After the event I went and grabbed my self some goodies from the MUFE counter at The Bay on Queen.

What I got:
HD Complexion Travel Kit:
Makeup Junkie had talked about this earlier this week and how much she loves it, I took Wednesday as an opportunity to try it out for myself. It has all the essentials to prep and set the skin for the ideal natural look. The Exlier in the kit is supposed to boost skins moisture by 520% in just 15 minutes and have a strong lasting effect over the course of the day. My skin is always so dry, this little baby was the main reason I bought the kit. The Primer is the clear version of their HD primer, a great product that I have yet to try. Lastly there is a HD Microfinish Powder in the kit. This powder is 100% silica and supposedly round micro-fine particles of silica that will reflect light in a more flattering way. Great for any skin tone, it leaves not colour and the skin feel super soft.

Eyeshadow in 116:
This is a great matte purple shade. Not too bright not too dark, just in the middle. I really love MUFE eyeshadows, they  blend extremely well and have an amazing texture to them. They are massive and can also be used as blushes.

25th Anniversary Palette:
A gift they gave us for going to the seminar was a limited edition palette for eyeshadow or blushes. It is large and holds 4 shadows/blushes, has a creative 25th anniversary design on the front and has a big big big mirror. Since I now have 3 MUFE  shadows and they were all separate I really needed this.

HD Blush Sample:
They gave us as a bonus gift a sample pump of the infamous HD Blush. I love this stuff already. It blends out well and drys fast, smooth and natural looking. The only beef I have is the pump always gives you too much (because so little is needed). You can use it on the eyes or lips too! I love this baby and will definitely be getting some more of them soon.

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