Fix+ To The Rescue

By Saturday, June 26, 2010 ,

I'm sure by now you've heard about some of the amazing things Mac's Fix+ (or any other fixer product), but I thought I would make a list of some of them.
  • Toner - Obvious, I know, but spritz it on your face and let it dry or put some on a cotton pad and wipe your face.
  • Fixing - What it is meant for, spray after your done your makeup (especially mineral) to fix it for the day. It also takes the powdery look off the finish of you makeup.
  • Mixing Medium - Since it has the same ingredients as mixing medium this stuff is great spritzed on a brush before using pigments, shadows or blushes. You can even do this before using your Mac Mineralized Skin Finish.
  • Mineral Foundation - Lightly spray your face all over before using your mineral foundation for a stronger and smother application. Spray after to fix and finish your foundation.
  • Saving You Paint Pots and Fluidlines - I spritz a little into my paint pot or fluidline jars when I notice they are getting a little dry. I figure since there is glycerin it will attract and replace the moisture that is lost. As well any moisture that is escaping from the pots will come from the Fix+ and not your product.
  • Saving Dried Out Mascara - Has your favourite mascara started to dry out on you. A quick fix is to spray some Fix+ the wand, put it back in and wiggle it around. This is just a quick fix, not meant to solve dried out old mascaras forever (not for waterproof ones), but if you are in a bind it works pretty good.
  • Thinning Out Products - If your foundation is a little too thick or your concealer is to cakey you can thin it out a bit with Fix+. Or even wet your brush with it for a smoother/thinner application.
  • Mixing with Strobe Cream/Lotion - I got this tip from Love, Lipstick and Lime, mix Mac Strobe cream or liquid with equal parts Fix+ and spritz it on your body or face for a light glowy look. You can even airbrush it on.
  • Hair - Apparently it makes a great hair and scalp moisturizer.
  • Eyeliner - the same idea as the mixing medium, wet a brush with the Fix+ and dip it in an eyeshadow or pigment and apply as a liner.
  • SunBurn Relief - If you get a burn or are peeling after a tan, toss your Fix+ in your bag and spritz on your skin to sooth. Aloe is best, but for a lighter more portable version, Fix+ does the trick.
    Alternatives - Fix+ is not the only product of its kind, Mark's Mist Opportunity is a similar product with fruit extracts to help calm and nurture the skin and contains anti-oxidants (it is also much cheaper). Mac had for a limited time a Fix+ Rose which I still regret not getting, nice rosy scent and roses skin benefits, as well they had Charged Water for a while that was Fix+ with vitamin properties. There are other brands too, and as far as I know they all work really well. 

    Fixers are definitely a must have in all makeup kits.