Every Last Bit Of Lipstick

By Monday, June 21, 2010 ,

Looking for some ways to use up that last bit of your lipstick? Just not feeling that colour you bought but don't want to toss it? Melted you lipstick in your car? Here are some things that might help you out.

Quo Lipstick Palette KitQuo Lipstick Palette Kit
Do you hate it when you get that little bit of lipstick in the bottom of the tube but cant get it out? Wish you could take it with you still but hate having a lip brush with you. Well, Quo came up with this cute kit.

What to do? Spatula out the last of you lipstick and place it in the bowl. Melt on for 5 seconds at a time in the microwave and pour into the palette. Let it cool and you have an awesome palette full of lip favorites that you probley would have tossed out. Bonus, you can mix the products too. Take some chapstick and melt it with some lipstick and you have a tinted lipbalm/gloss. That colour just too red, mix another gloss with it for a custom colour that works better for you. no more waist. Frugle? Yes, but also resourceful and sleek. 

LipStix Remix As seen on Sharktank, this idea is great. Take you broken or melted lipstick and put it in the cup and microwave the same way as with the Quo Kit. Pour into the mold, freeze. Take you existing lipstick tube or one of the ones proviced, push against the mold, bam...new lipstick. This is a great way to save you old melted lipsticks, or even make a better shade by mixing two colours that didn't work for you together. Ingenuous (even my man thinks so), watch the video and see.

Kit Help To help save room in my makeup kit put my lipsticks in eyeshadow pans and then into an eyeshadow palette. I also do this so I can easily see the lipsticks without having to open all the tubes up and so that once I slice it off I can then use the rest of the tube for personal use without risking contamination. Steps:
  1. Spray alcohol on everything.
  2. take a knife and slice a bit of lipstick off the stick
  3. put that into an eyeshadow pan (that had been sprayed with alcohol)
  4. hold with a knife or tweezers over a flame or element (not too long, just until melted, and be careful, everything gets hot and may splash if you move too fast)
  5. Let cool.
  6. Label and attach magnet.
  7. Put in palette. 
Easy, now you are done!