Optimum Point Redemption - Shopper's Drug Mart Haul

by - Sunday, June 27, 2010

Optimum point bonus redemption time was on this past weekend. I went and spent (my friends) points on some great goodies

  • Benefit - Some Kind of Gorgeous - $36.99. I got a sample of this stuff a while back and decided to get a full sized one.
  • Benefit - Lemonade - $26.99. My friend raves about this stuff, so I thought I would try it out.
  • Annabelle Smudge Liner in Sea Green - $10.99 - I love Annabelle's Smudgeliners and wanted a bright green shade. Yippy!
  • Ice Cream Hair Products - I love Ice Cream's hair dye products. Unlike box hair colour kits you buy the devoloper and colour seperately. They also give you enough product for 2 dye jobs, which makes it really good if you need two boxes of boxed dye or just more than what one box gives, or heck even great if you need less dye than a box. The down side, you have to buy your own gloves, conditioner and a mixing bottle or just use a brush and an old tupperware bowl. Still the best dye I've tried in the last 10 years.
  • Color Oops - this was $16.99 at my Shopper's, it strips hair dye out of your hair at home without removing your natural colour. I tried it last night and it worked really well. It takes 20 mins to develop and then 25 minutes to rinse (25 minutes!!!! of rinsing, that took a while, make sure you have a full hot water tank). I was pleased with the results, you wont end up with your natural hair colour, because when you dyed it the developer from the dye it lighted the hair.
I got some other goodies too, like ICE CREAM's banana hair mask and some cheese and toilet paper, random shopper's drug mart stuff.

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