Canadian Pride Part Two

By Wednesday, February 03, 2010 , ,

Continuing in my series on Canadian cosmetics brands today I am going to talk about brands that focus on skin care.

Fruits & Passion - This brand prides itself in making Canadian made skin care as well as household products. Bubble bath, soap, lotions, deodorant, room sprays, glass cleaners, diffuser sticks, dish soap, candles, and even dog shampoo are sold inside this Canadian boutique store. Just about anything you could find at a Body Shop and then some are sold here, and I personally find the quality to be better and the scents nicer too.  Sold in it's own stores and in many other little boutique style stores in Canada and abroad.

  • Hand cream - Orange - Cantaloupe scented - Last year during the holidays I received this as well as the matching body wash and lotion. This one thing stood out to me because a little goes a long way, it smells great and it didn't burn my sensitive hands like most scented lotions do.
  • Nourishing Butter - Shea Version - I got this year from my mother in-law and I am in love. It comes with a tiny spatula so you can just scoop a little and not contaminate it as bad. A little goes a long LONG way. It claims to "Revitalizes sensitive skin" and I can say my parched winter skin has never had it so good, even my hands are loving it! By far the best body butter I have ever tried.

Cake - This delicious bath and body brand was created in 2003 and has spread throughout Canada and beyond. Sold at Indigo/Chapters, Sephora, and many boutique stores across the planet. With yummy names like 'desserted island supreme body mousse" and "Kiss Lemon Chiffon" their products sound good enough to eat. Made with many tasty ingredients that you could find in many kitchens (macadamia nut oil, coconut oil and mango butter to name a few) these lush body lotions, bubble baths, lip glosses and hair products contain no parabens. I have only tried a few lotions ('deserts on me' and 'gingerbread woman') that are not available right now. They feel super nice and left my skin soft and smelt wonderful.

More great Canadian brand to come. Stay tuned.