Canadian Pride Part One

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I love Canada and I love makeup, so today I am taking the opportunity to combine these two loves and show my Canuck pride by boasting about some of the oh so awesome Canadian cosmetic companies.

After looking through my collection and the stores I realized that there are many more brands than most people realize. So my vast list might miss a few companies, but it is unintentional.

Annabelle/Marcelle - These daughter/mother brands have been around for quite a long time. Annabelle was bought out by Marcelle in 1999, previous to that I cannot find when it was established, but I sure do remember buying their lip and eyeliners in the early 90's as a teen (and their lipsticks too). Annabelle is most famous for it's vast selection of liners (by far the largest I have ever seen), but also has a full selection of other cosmetics. One of the most unique things is their line of custom colours and quad palette. I have yet to see any other drug store line that sells a product like that.

Marcelle's site states it has been around for over 75! This line is aimed at a slightly older group than the younger Annabelle line. It's main focus on skin care it has in recent years diversified out into basic makeup (foundation, a  few eyeshadows and a fair sized lipstick selection).

  • Annabelle leGloss - a wonderful tube of gloss with a wand. A little sticky but great colour payoff and pocket book friendly.
  • Marcelle 1st Wrinkles Eye Contour Cream - great light eye cream intended for people who are experencing the begining signs of aging around the eyes. I like how light it is and how it is not a reflective/illuminating product.
  • Annabelle lip/eyeliners - if you cant find that colour you need for a liner they most likley have it. They might be a bit waxy but they are great and cheap.
  • Annabelle Mono Eyeshadows - individual eyeshadows that can be put in most eyeshadow palettes (their own, Mac's , ELF's). Great for customizing your colours and at most stores if you buy 4 you get a free quad palette.

Quo - This is Shopper's Drug Mart's own cosmetic line. Launched 9 years ago it has grown and changed quite a bit since it's humble beginnings. Offering everything you can think of, including great brushes at a fair price. Where else at a drug store can you get a duo fiber foundation brush? They also have a great foundation primer (reviewed earlier in my blog). I really do like this line and it's holiday collections are always nice. And since SDM is known for sales, wait for one 40% is not a foreign idea, and it can save you a bundle.

  • brushes - while not the best brushes out there, they are the best I have seen in a drug store and the best priced (I just got some with 40% off the other day, so hold out for a sale).
  • primer -a great dupe for Smashbox's and at a fraction of the price (I saw it on sale the other day for $15!)

Cargo Cosmetics - Having been around since 1966, this line has exploded over the last 5 years. Known for fantastic bronzers and blushes, they also have great foundations and the most glossy glosses you have ever used. The line's packaging is also another selling point for the company. Meant for travel, the foundations come in tubes where you squeeze it out, the bronzers and blushes come in large tins so you don't have to press on them so much and not crushing of the pigments occurs. Their Blu_ray line is meant for the new high def makeup craze by creating products that will not look obvious on screen like traditional makeup will. Their Planet Love line is green as green can be. All natural with no petro chemicals, no parabens, biodegradable lipstick tubes, paper packaging that will grow flowers if planted. 

  • Bronzer in medium (matte) -I have yet to fall in love with shimmery bronzers, but this matte version makes me quite happy
  • matte beach blush in Tenerife - this blush has four gorgeous colours that can be blended for a bronzy blush or used alone for a peachy blush or bronzer. Once again, Matte so I love it. They do make a shimmer version
  • Classic Lip Gloss in Alexandria - this is a great little tube of lip gloss that is a ight neutral pink and is good for just about all skin tones. Has a strip that will tell you when to toss this product, how unique.
  • Lip Gloss duo  in Soho - the same great lip gloss that is in the tube but in a tin. This one has two great rose shades.
  • Reverse lip liner -This lip liner goes outside of the lips to protect lipstick and gloss from feathering. Great for smokers (I  gave mine to my sis in law and she is hooked!)
  • Liquid Power - This primer leaves your skin feeling powdery and great, unfortunately it has glitter in it, so I gave it to a makeup buddy who already had fallen in love with the stuff. If there was a shimmer-less version I would be all over the stuff.

CoverFX - This line has gone in the last 6 years from being in only a few Shopper's Drug Mart's inside hospitals to a full blown line sold at SDM's across the nation and Sephora's everywhere. Begining over 10 years ago this line was orignally made for people with serious skin conditions who were trying to hide them. From the everyday foundation and concealing, to tattoo covering to the serous vitiligo camoflaguing , this diverse line is something to be proud of as a Canuck. I have yet to try too much of the line, but I am considering getting one of their starter kits that have DVD instructions within them. What I do have and love is the Skin Prep-NOURISHING FOUNDATION PRIMER AND ANTI-AGING SERUM. This primer helps with aging and rocks as makeup base (as previously reviewed).

Joe Fresh - This Loblaws/Superstore brand is an expansion with it's discount but trendy clothing line. With drug store or cheaper prices it has everything you could want from a cosmetic line. I have yet to try a thing from there yet but am definitely considering getting one of the tinted lip balms for $8 and some of the lip stains (dupes for Cover girls or Marks but only $6, how could one go wrong?), and even the $6 sheer lip pencils. They look fun and wont break the bank, plus you most likely already are buying your groceries at one of their stores, why not grab a fresh new product instead of that magazine next time you are in, I bet it will entertain you longer.

I am tired and I feel like I haven't even started yet. I will continue in part Two Tomorrow night.