Mac in Lillyland Collection / Warm and Cozy Collection

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I went and had another few weeks of insane makeup purchases. I wish there was a place I could go for therapy (my Name is Jill and I buy too much makeup).

I went into the mac with a gift certificate so I don't feel 100% bad about my choices. Going back the next week and spending just as much in my own money, that was a little bad. Going to the Makeup Forever counter and spending even more two days later, that was the icing on the cake.

Mac Warm & Cozy Collection:

I went in with a gift certificate for the mall and spent almost all of it at the mac store.

I got only one item from the Warm & Cozy Collection, but I loved it so much I went back the next week for more!

Care Blends Essential Oils: Sweet Orange and Lavender, this stuff is amazing. When I went into the store my skin was in dire need of some help. I felt so dry and red, it was actually chap from the wind and cold.  This little bottle of oil can be applied directly to the skin or mixed with your current moisturizer for an extra boost of moisture. The smell is amazing and the calming lavender seemed to make my skin instantly better. After a few days of applying washing I switched to just adding two drops to my moisturizer. This seemed like the miracle I needed for my parched winter skin, so I ran back to the store the next weekend (realizing it was limited edition and mini bottle would not make it through the season) only to learn it was made permanent, which led me to hold off on buying a second bottle.

It also comes in Grapefruit and Chamomile (I hate grapefruit so I  opted for the nice lavender).

These clean oils will not make you break out, which is another benefit of it.


  • great winter boost
  • can be used on it's own or with moisturizer
  • smells awsome
  • perminent collection and not LE like I thought
  • no break outs


  • Pricy
  • small bottle
Also on this trip I bought the face wipes (100 pack), Pro Longwear LipColour in Loyal and Mineralized Skin finish in Medium (I love them all)

Mac In Lillyland Collection:

Ok, so I went a little nuts when I saw this collection. Even after seeing reviews on Youtube and on blogs I went againts some of the adivce and got some items that other people didn't love. For the most part everyone loves the lip glees in this collection, the new Creameblend blushes and the PearlMatte face powder, while the PearlMate Eyeshadow was getting luke warm reviews.

CremeBlend Blushes, these came in big bright colours that will be amazing in the spring and summer seasons. I got 'So Sweet, So Easy' a light yellow pink, the other colours in the collection are and I love it! 'Flordia' is a BRIGHT pink, 'Optomistic Orange' is a bright coaral while 'Joie-De-Vivre' is a peachy coral. Unlike Mac's blushcremes, these babies don't dent when you touch them, you don't take too much, they aren't greasy or thick, they are more smooth and silky feeling, and are more reminiscent of the cream colour bases. In fact when I got home I realized So Sweet, So easy is almost an exact match for my Tickle Me Pink Cream Colour Base (no wonder I chose it). Although the products look bright they can go on very sheer if you would like. I really love the texture and the effect of the product.

Lip Glees, I still have my never used 'lil sizzler' lip glee that I got at the Estee Lauder Warehouse sale last year for free, so I was not too interested in getting any of them ( I have about 60 lip glosses, about 5 I bought myself, I keep on getting them as gifts, so I don't tend to look at them). My friend asked me to pick her up one of the lip glees in 'Lush' (Bright pink yellow coral with pink (Pearl) ). I realized when I got there my 'lil sizzler' is the exact same colour gloss but with a different shimmer in it. This colour is scary in the tube but goes on nice and peachy sheer. 

PearlMatte Face Powder, this is a great bronzer, blush and highlighter in one. With a pretty little flower design you get four colours (some matte, some pearl) in one palette. Mix them together for a bronzer/blush, just select the blush or the highlighter, or mix and match to your heart content. Everyone on every blog I read seems to love this product. I guess my lack of love for bronzers has left me with a loss of what to do with it. I really do like the colours but think they might be a little dark for me.

PearlMatte Eyeshadow, this blush sized eyeshadow contains three great shades that will be great for the summer time. There is an awesome pink, pearl white and limeish green. They go on really sheer (I mean really  sheer) so the best thing I have thought of was to use it as a work day eyeshadow, or a nice sheer summer look or layer it, layer it, and layer again over a light eyeshadow base. Most people on blogs/youtube said they didn't find it was dark enough to recommend, but when I went into the store I fell in love. I tried to find a similar pink in their regular line (for more colour payoff), but couldn't find a thing, the green I found a match quite easily and the white, well, it is a pearl white, how easy is that to find, throw a rock and find out. I do wish it was less sheer but I do love the colours. I must say that as much as I love mac, I do not like their lack of regular colour selection in pink.

Must haves in this collection:
  • Cremeblushes : If you have never tried cream blushes, or just don't like them, I recommend trying this. The texture is amazing and the colour is so customizable (sheer to bold)
  • LipGlees: I don't love lip glosses, but these are good, you squeeze them out so there is less bacteria being shoved into the gloss and they are a great texture (not too sticky).

I will review what I got at Makeup Forever another time.