April 2024 Recap

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April flew by and May is almost over. I tired my hardest to get this recap done sooner, but my computer was acting up, and I just got it some new ram today, hopefully I t can give it a bit more life.

Here is my April Recap.

Exams and a Break:

First up, I am still in school. I had exams and final projects due in April, so I got those done. I got super stressed about a project, but got perfect on it, so that felt great. I also had two group projects, that royally sucked. Why do they always suck so much, and why do I have to get the same grade as people who honestly don't even the work right? Anyways, I got 3.8 GPA, which makes me excited, I only had my one grade dragged down by group projects, so I am still a bit bitter.

I also took care of Bradley's wife, Sophie and got a few weeks off at the end of the month before classes start up again.

The Eclipse:

The eclipse that happed, didn't really happen in Toronto. Right as it was going to start, it got real cloudy. We did get the fun experience of it getting very very dark in the middle of the day though. We also went to Krispy Kream and got their eclipse donut, which was very tasty.


Rich and I celebrated out 24th anniversary in April. We went to a Hot Pot place near by to try out for out date. We have never got for Hot Pot before, and went to Hot Pot 9. It worked off a QR code on our phone and the staff explained nothing to us. The food was good, but we were incredibly clueless. We didn't have ladle or bowls, it just was a bit of mess. The staff also vanished. We couldn't figure out where to pay and weren't given our final items ordered because 20 minutes past and the staff was just gone. It was strange. We wont return there, but we like the idea of hot pot and want to try a few other ones in our area.

We then went to Mr. Puffs for desserts. They have such fresh puffs and I really like their dipped ice cream.

Volunteering for Earth Day:

Earth day was in April, my neighbourhood had arranged for a clean up. I spent 4 hours picking up trash and saving it from going into the Don River. 

Volunteerring for NudeStix:

Last year I went and did garbage clean up with NudeStix. I had a great time and felt good about it. THhs year it was downtown Toronto. We went to park and cleaned what we could up. 

After the two weeks of cleaning up, I am really thinking about volunteering with an organization that isn't too far from me to help clean up the Don Valley area at least twice a month going forward. 

The Lisa Cosmetic Sale:

The Lisa Cosmetic Sale is a favourite of mine, I go twice a year with my mom. This is the go to place to get fragrances, discontinued or gift sets. They have the best prices!! They pretty much sell the fragrances that have been taken out of stores to keep their in store stocks fresh as well as past gift with purchase or gift sets. They also have a lot of great makeup and other things. 

I didn't get much this time, but I may get more at their Xmas sale.

Burt's Bees 40th anniversary pop up:

for two days in April Burt's Bees has a pop up in Toronto. I got one of their new lip balms, a skin care item of my choice and cupcake. I also got to learn all about their skincare.

Rich, Bradley and I went to our first drive-in of the season. We saw Kung-Fu Panda 4 and Ghostbusters Frozen Empire. Both were better than I thought they would be, and we had a fun family night out. 

L'oreal Stand Up Pop-Up:

L'oreal had a pop-up in April (I went to this the same day as the Nudestix garbage clean up and the Burt's Bees pop-up), to help stop violence against women. It was at the Stacks Market. 

I wathced a little video and then took a little survy aimed to shut down agression to women in places like the subway. It was a noble idea. At the end I got to pick an item. I chose their hair gloss. I really am excited to try that out.

Ajax Collectors Con 2024:

I might not have mentioned it, but Rich collects Transformers toys. In Jan and Feb we went to a few mini conventions. In April we went to Ajax Collectors Con, it was the first one I've gone to Ajax. It mainly had the same vendors and is a fun thing to do for the day.

Nudstix and Knix:

I went to the Toronto Airport area to go to a Knix and Nudestix sale. I got such good deals on products. I mainly bought a lot of Nudestix that I really wanted. Knix is new to me and without change-rooms it made it a difficult challenge to make final sale choices. I ended up with 4 bras, and dislike 3 of them. Which honestly serves me right. I think it is 100% worth while going though if you already know what you like from the brand.

So that was my April, lots going on and I had a good time. Here is a photo of Sterling to leave you with.