2024 First Quarter Recap

By Thursday, April 11, 2024 , , ,

Hi everyone.

I haven't done a recap since I quit my job to start school in January, I didn't feel I had a lot to recap for a while. I put it off and I put it off some more. Now, I feel Jan-Feb-March makes a good quarterly round-up. So let's take a look at how my year has been going.

January was interesting, I didn't have to go back to work and I had some time to myself. This also happened in the new year of 2021, because of a lockdown. I got a bit of stuff done around the home, but as always, never as much as I would like. 
I messed around in my office trying to set up a good workplace since school was completely online. As a result, I moved a lot of stuff out of my office and into the spare bedroom, and I also tossed a lot of skincare and gave my niece a bunch of makeup and other goodies. 
I got to spend some time with my friend Jenn as we went to Fresh to eat. I got an Impossible burger. I don't know why I hate regular hamburgers, but the Impossible one tastes good to me. 
Bradley and I went on a ton of walks. January was very mild for the time of year, and then it got a bit snowy in February. For the most part, it has been great walking weather. Our biggest dilemma is finding interesting routes to walk as a lot of the paths we like to walk are under construction for the next two years.
School started the second week of January and I had a lot of hiccups. I have never done online school before and wasn't sure how it would go. I didn't understand the school's method of doing the classes and it was just confusing. To make things worse two of the classes didn't have textbooks available through the school, so I had to order an ebook version from the USA for the same cost but would expire after 180 days. This actually really pissed me off, the school just forgot to order the books for the students and left us high and dry. 
Once I got the hang of things everything seemed to go well. I did not enjoy doing group projects, it was made worse being online. I just do not understand why they put us through this in school.
I did a Target haul through Shippsy. I am probably going to dedicate a whole post to Shippsy because I love it so much. Basically, I get a USA shipping address and I order items there. When the time comes, Shippsy deals with the customs and takes it to a warehouse where I pick it up. It's super cheap and convent.
We mainly got candy and food, but I also got these cute birds and some skincare.
We did a Food Share order and got so much great produce for so cheap. I learned shortly after they were shutting down the service, so we only got one more box after this one. But all this was under $30.
I went for Family Day to the AGO with my aunt and brother's family. We saw the Kaws and Keith Herring exhibits. 
Richard and I went with my aunt to the Canadian Opera Company's production of The Cunning Little Vixen. Never has an opera had my name written all over it like this one. It was vibrant and funny and just overall a stunning visual performance. 
Best of all I got to go with my aunt, who got us seats at the Royal Box. This is these are the best seats in the house. Like really, I am not exaggerating, they are the best seats at The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. My aunt actually helped build it back in the early '00s. In fact here is a podcast where she talks about it, Key Change: Episode 6.
After the opera, Rich and I went to Eatly for Winterlicous. We got some yummy food that was great for rounding out the fantastic night.
March was a lot less interesting, with lots of walks, and more meals out at local places around us. I mainly spent my time doing schoolwork and taking care of our friend's dog, Sophie. Here is a little Bradly photo dump and Rich looking at menus at various restaurants.
We got some good news at the end of the month, and I wanted to celebrate, so I ordered a Ninja Creami 11-in-1. I have not stopped using it, but look at this pretty fruit bowl I made.
I hope you enjoyed my recap. I really hope you had a good first quarter of the year. I am looking forward to the spring and all the fun things it has to offer.