Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover - Review

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Give your eyes what they deserve: an oil-free eye makeup remover that uses the latest advances in ingredient technology. Save your eyes from harsh tugging, and let the dual-phase formula of this gentle eye makeup remover do it's job. Love the removal as much as the application thanks to a lightweight formula that doesn’t leave skin feeling dry or greasy. Correct the occasional eyeliner “oops,” experiment with eye shadow shades, and layer on waterproof mascara for mile-long lashes without compromise. Shake it up and swipe it off until you’re ready to start all over with a new, eye-catching creation.

Mary Kay has always had, in my opinion the best eye makeup remover available, their Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. It is duo-phase so once shaken up and applied to cotton pad it just removes everything in the eye area, gently, quick and without any eye irritation. All that being said, they revamped it, and made it even better. Which really shocked me, because it was already fantastic – I mean how could they improve it.

I happen to have a whole bottle that I just opened of the old formula, and I just got a new bottle. Which means we get to compare the two.

New formula on the left; old formula on the right.

First up, the ingredients. I thought they would be almost identical, but they are actually quite different. All the key things are still there to take your makeup away quickly though. It really does a fantastic job of it too.

The duo-phase formula needs a little shake to mix it up, it isn’t oily or greasy, but it does leave your lids with a feeling clean and hydrated. It never stings my eyes, and believe me, I have gotten it into them. It is Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested as well as tested for skin irritancy and allergies. Which makes it suitable for contact lens wearers, those with sensitive eyes or skin.

I clearly love this stuff, but the real question is, is it better than before? I would say yes. The old formula left a bit of residue on the lids and skin, this one there isn’t that. I also found it took a bit less effort to remove the makeup.


·      Works well and quick to remove makeup

·      Leaves skin soft

·      Doesn’t sting

·      No tugging required

·      No fragrance

·      Tested to be gentle and safe


·      None, really, I can’t think of one

Overall, I love this product! I will buy it for as long as they make it. Nothing compares to it for how well it quickly, gently and effectively removes eye makeup. When I wear waterproof eye products, they’re always hard to remove and they hurt my eyes, but this product never does. It is an All-Star, that’s for sure.

You can purchase Mary Kay products at or through your local Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

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