Belif Aqua Bomb Broad Spectrum SPF 50 - Review

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I think it's safe to say, most people hate facial sunscreens. I feel so lucky to live in a time where there has been a major shift towards sunscreens that are skincare. Now, so many formulas are being brought out that are doing so much more than just being the SPF step in your routine. You're now getting skin care benefits and protection all in one. Cutting down on heavy layers and making the process feel fantastic.
Aqua Bomb Broad Spectrum SPF 50 has been a hot ticket item for almost a year now. It was honestly hard to find. I adore Belief's Aqua Bomb range and I really just had to try it out.

 It feels silky and smooth, it absorbs quickly and without heaviness or tackiness. It feels amazing on the skin and just weightless. It's honestly hard to believe it's a sunscreen at all. 
The formula uses Homosalate (9%), Octocrylene (9%), Octisalate (4.5%), Avobenzone (2.7%), providing a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. There is also a bunch of great skincare love in the tube, Maragold Extract and Woodbine are just two.
  • Light weight
  • Hydrating
  • No white cast
  • High SPF Value (50 SPF)
  • No Pilling
  • Feels great on the skin
  • Is a bit pricy ($51.50), but it is inline with Belif's pricing

Overall, this is a great SPF, well worth the money because it is skin care and SPF that just feels like skincare. I love the feel on my skin because it really isn't there. I love that is a high SPF because that is what I look for. It also just fits with what I like about Belif as a whole, it is skincare that is working for me, and that is a great thing.

You can find Belif at Sephora, The Face Shop and


 *product sent from PR for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own.