Mary Kay Canada Summer 2023 Collection

by - Sunday, July 09, 2023

Mary Kay has launched their new items for the summer. There are two new heart themed charity items as well as some limited edition lip and cheek items that are fantastic. I was lucky enough to be sent their new summer items to review,  so let's take a look at it shall we?
Deeply remove dirt and oil from your Mary Kay makeup tools with this Heart-Shaped Cleaning Pads. (Set of 2) for just $12.00. Every purchase of these sets helps to plant greater seeds of impact in support of the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation.
Color: One Dark Pink & One Black
Packaging: Cello Packaged in Set of 2 (1 Pink & 1 Black)
Material: 100% Silicone + suction cups at the back
Dimensions: 15cm x heart shape
The Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation (MKACF) has unique products every year to help raise funds, this year it is a cute heart shape duo of brush cleaning pads.  

The set of two comes with one pink and one black brush cleaning mat. They're heart shaped with suction cups on the back and several different textures on the matt side to help you get your brushes clean quickly. 
I really love these pads, they are not too large so they are easy to store, you can give one away if you want to have two for yourself. They work very well and are really cute.
Celebrate 60 years of heart-shaped change with your purchase of this limited-edition brush. Beyond the beautifully unique heart shape is the greater purpose of this product: helping women and children around the world. While you’re blending your favorite Mary Kay® liquid and cream foundations to a seamless finish, $1 of your purchase will have a beneficial impact to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation. Join us in enriching lives one brush at a time!
This is another one of the products this year that help support the MKACF, it is a foundation brush that is heart shaped. It comes with a brush guard too.
This is a real cute brush, I love the heart shape to it. The handle feels nice in the hand and the bristles are tightly packed, so it truly is perfect for foundation application. MK has made some of favourite and most used brushes, this one is definitely joining them in heavy rotation.
Meet your matte with irresistible hues that glide on smoothly for a velvety finish. Now you can flaunt lips that feel as good as they look in a dreamy, matte formula that’s designed for comfort. Express your personal style with powerful colorful payoff in versatile shades. This is true color happiness that’s truly matte and truly you! Grab them all to match a matte to your every mood.
I love a good liquid matte lipstick, and these have just become my new favourite. They have a rich velvet texture that isn't drying on the lips. They go on smooth and rich. They feel and look great. There are five different shades in the limited edition, Must-Have Mauve, Classic Red, Burgundy Orchid, Rich Espresso and Modern Nude. 
Classic Red and absolutely stunning red that suits it name perfectly. Must-Have Mauve is incredibly wearable and my favourite shade overall. Burgundy Orchid is rich and deep but still really wearable. Rich Espresso is a little dark for my taste and can go on a bit patchy if you over do it, but it still is really nice. Modern Nude is my second favourite and really flattering.
Double your beauty benefits with this 2-in-1 lip and cheek duo. The lightweight cream formula comes in four easy-to-wear shades, perfect for blending and building your color from day to night. Enjoy twice the versatility on lips and cheeks in silky hues that wear like a dream on all skin tones. Simplify your beauty routine with multitasking makeup that’s packed with good-for-skin ingredients like hydrating vitamin E. But move double-time to your Independent Beauty Consultant because this double-duty beauty won’t last long!
These are absolutely amazing creams that can be used on your lips or cheeks. They are creamy and smooth and blend into your skin or lips with such easy. They easily fit into existing Mary Kay palettes as they are the same size as their other blushes and highlighters. 
Here the four blushes are in my MK palette, they are the four on the right.
Top left: Spiced Berry, top right: Luxe Lilac,
 bottom left: Mauve Sunset and bottom right: Peach Shimmer.
They come in four colours, Peach Shimmer, Mauve Sunset, Luxe Lilac and Spiced Berry. With the exception of Peach Shimmer, all the shades are cream without any glitter in them. They all look really bold in the pans, but can be blended out to be light. 
I fell in love with them, and love how easy it is to apply some to my cheeks and lips in just put mascara on and call it a day for my makeup. It's great for this time of year when it is so hot and I don't want to wear anything powdery.

Mary Kay Lip Balm Set / Tropical Guava & Sweet Berry / .3 oz each / $18.00

Give the gift of an everyday delight to everyone, including yourself. Drench your lips in this moisture-rich formula packed with aromas inspired by the lush, warm tropics. Delight in the buttery, balmy texture for micro moments of indulgence throughout the day. Satisfy your wanderlust as you escape to pout paradise with this limited-edition† lip balm set.
Unwrap a sweet moisturizing experience in two tropical flavours:
Tropical Guava & Sweet Berry
May Kay is always knocking it out of the park when it comes to limited edition lip balms or hand creams. They smell fantastic and always feel great. This time around they have a great duo of squeezable lip balms in fruity flavours. Tropical Guava and Sweet Berry. They're both very summery.
These balms are smooth, silky  and soft on the lips. Not too thick and definitely not goopy. 
So  there you go, some new, limited edition items from Mary Kay to brighten up your summer. Overall I am really impressed with everything. I really adore the liquid lipsticks formula (and am activly wishing they add them to the MK permanent line up, and with more shades), the cream lip and check blushes are blendable and very pretty. Lip balms are smooth and silky while being very hydrating. The brush and brush cleaning pads are both of excellent quality and work really well while giving money to a worthy cause. I actually cannot think of a recent launch that I liked every item of this much. So, bravo Mary Kay.

You can find the Mary Kay Summer 2023 Collection at or through your Mary Kay representative.

*products featured were provided for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own. 

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