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A little while back I accidently bought some ELF O FACE Satin Lipsticks, I thought I was buying their Glossy Lip Stains and grabbed the wrong products all together. Rather then return the items, I thought I would use them and review them. While I still use and love ELF products, I rarely blog about them like I used to, so I am pretty happy with like little accident.
I picked up two lipsticks in the shades, Effortless and Dirty Talk. Effortless is described as a Dusty Mauve, it is natural toned medium mauve shade. Dirty Talk is described as a Pink Beige, that goes on more beige then pink. 
The cases are really sleek with matte black outsides and magnetic closing caps. The bullets themselves have an angular design and are embossed with e.l.f. on them. Dust is prone to sticking to it, so it may not be the best loose in a purse. Over a very sleek and stylish design for a lipstick that cost me $7.
Dirty Talk
The formula is rich and smooth satin finish. It's almost matte, but velvety and goes on crease-free. I didn't find it drying and really enjoyed wearing it.
Me, wearing Effortless
Effortless is definitely a shade I'll be wearing a lot, in fact it is currently in my purse and I really am enjoying it. Dirty Talk is really pretty in the tube and I like the shade a lot, but I find that in the summer it is making me look a little dead. It is definitely because it is a beige, beiges often do this with my skin tone.
Me, wearing Dirty Talk
As for the colours, we'll I'm glad I got them. Both look a lot like my custom Bite shades, which really impressed me. I love my custom Bite shades, but they both snapped after 2 uses and for $150 I really hoped for a better experience.  I have no guilt using these when I'm out and about, unlike my pricy counterparts.